The prerequisites listed below are UC Berkeley campus courses. Once at UC Berkeley, students must take all prerequisites at UC Berkeley. If non-UC Berkeley college level course work was completed before admission into UC Berkeley, it can be used to satisfy prerequisite or breadth requirements (with the exception of Principles of Business (UGBA 10), which must be taken at UC Berkeley). If off-campus work was completed at a California community college, visit the Assist website, for courses at each school that fulfill the prerequisite or breadth requirements.

All prerequisite courses must carry a minimum of 3 semester units and must be completed with a letter grade of C- or higher no more than 5 years before starting the business major. Some requirements may be fulfilled with exam credit.

If you repeated or have taken more than one course to fulfill a prerequisite you must use the first attempt to satisfy the requirement. If you received a C- or higher for your first attempt you should not repeat the prerequisite.

Prerequisite Courses for UC Berkeley Students

  • Undergraduate Business Administration 10--Principles of Business. All UC Berkeley applicants must complete this course at UC Berkeley.
  • Math (Calculus)—Two semesters of calculus are required: Math 16A and Math 16B or Math 1A and Math 1B or Math 1A and 16B. Math 53 or Math 54 will also fulfill the calculus prerequisite for Haas.
  • Economics 1 or 2—Introduction to Economics
  • Statistics 20 or W21 or 131A or 134.
    Students can also take one of the Foundations of Data Science Courses (Stat/Info/CS C8) plus a connector course (Stat 88 or UGBA 96 Data and Decisions) to fulfill the statistics prerequisite. The connector course is designed to be taken at the same time or after the Foundations of Data Science course.
  • English/Reading and Composition Requirement R&C (more information below).

English/Reading and Composition Requirement (R & C): You must satisfy this requirement by completing courses comparable to both Berkeley's English R1A and English R1B.

Go to the Letters & Science website for a complete list of courses that will satisfy the first half ("A") and second half ("B") of the R & C requirement.

You may use first-half and second-half courses from different departments. Please remember that Haas guidelines differ from L&S guidelines. For example, for Haas one course may not be used to satisfy both a prerequisite and a breadth requirement.