Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Business Courses

The Undergraduate program has specific learning goals and objectives that are imbedded in the curriculum. These learning outcomes are fostered throughout the undergraduate experience, particularly in the core courses. The learning goals are measured by direct and indirect means that include course assignments, exams, projects, surveys and evaluations. The learning outcomes for Haas School of Business Undergraduate Program are listed here.

Descriptions for all UGBA courses can be found here.

NOTE: Not all courses listed below are offered every semester

Lower Division Courses

UGBA Number Units Title Prerequisite
10 3 Principles of Business  
24 1 Freshman Seminars  
39 2-4 Freshman/Sophomore Seminar  
39AC 3 Philanthropy: A Cross-Cultural Perspective  
96 1-4 Lower Division Special Topics in Business Administration  
98 1-4 Directed Group Study  

Upper Division Core Courses

UGBA Number Units Title Prerequisite
100* 2 Business Communication  
101A 3 Microeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions Econ 1, Math 1A or 16A, Stat 21 or equiv.
101B 3 Macroeconomic Analysis for Business Decisions Econ 1, Math 1A or 16A, Stat 21 or equiv.
102A 3 Introduction to Financial Accounting  
102B 3 Introduction to Managerial Accounting 102A
103 4 Introduction to Finance 101A or equivalent
104 3 Analytic Decision Modeling Using Spreadsheets Economics 1, Mathematics 1A or 16A, Statistics 21, or equivalents
105 3 Introduction to Organizational Behavior  
106 3 Marketing  
107 3 The Social, Political and Ethical Env. of Business  
* UGBA 100 is restricted to business majors only.
Core Course Substitutions

The following UC Berkeley courses may be used to fulfill the corresponding core business requirement. However, units earned for these approved substitutions are non-business upper division units and students must take additional business electives towards the required 38 upper division business units.

Econ 100A or Econ 101A can be used in place of UGBA 101A.

Econ 100B or Econ 101B can be used in place of UGBA 101B.

EEP 100 can  be used in place of UGBA 101A.

IAS 106 can be used in place of UGBA 101A.

IAS 107 can be used in place of UGBA 101B.

Effective Spring 2014, UC Berkeley Extension courses XB102A “Introduction to Financial Accounting” and XB102B “Introduction to Managerial Accounting” ARE NOT equivalent to UGBA 102A and UGBA 102B as taught by the Haas Undergraduate Program. Students planning on applying to the Haas Undergraduate Program or conditionally admitted students to the Haas Undergraduate Program should NOT enroll in either of these courses.

Upper Division Elective Courses

UGBA Number Units Title Prerequisite
113 3 Managerial Economics 101A & 101B or equivalents
115 3 Competitive Strategy 101A or equivalents
117 1-4 Special Topics in Economic Analysis and Policy 101A & 101B or equivalents
118 3 International Trade 101A or equivalent
119 2 Leading Strategy Implementation 101A, 101B, 102A, 102B, 103, 106 and senior standing
120A 4 Intermediate Financial Accounting 102A
120B 4 Advanced Financial Accounting 120A
121 4 Federal Income Tax Accounting 102A; 120A recommended
122 3 Financial Information Analysis 120A
126 4 Auditing 120A; 120B recommended
127 1-4 Special Topics in Accounting 102A & 102B
128 3 Strategic Cost Management 102B
131 3 Corporate Finance & Financial Statement Analysis 103
132 3 Financial Institutions and Markets 101A, 101B and 103
133 3 Investments 103
136F 3 Behavioral Finance 103
137 1-4 Special Topics in Finance 103
141 3 Production and Operations Management 140
143 3 Game Theory and Business Decisions Mathematics 1A or 16A
144 4 Fundamentals of E-Business  
147 1-4 Special Topics in Manufacturing & Info Tech 140
149A 3 Information Technology Strategy  
151 3 Management of Human Resources 105
152 3 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution 105
155 3 Leadership  
157 1-4 Special Topics in the Management of Organizations 105
160 3 Consumer Behavior 106
161 3 Marketing Research: Tools& Tech. for Data Collection & Analysis 106
162 3 Brand Management and Strategy 106
163 3 Information and Technology-Based Marketing 106
165 3 Advertising Strategy 106
167 1-4 Special Topics in Marketing 106
170 2 Business Ethics for the 21st Century  
C172* 3 Business in Its Historical Environment  
175 3 Legal Aspects of Management  
177 1-4 Special Topics in Business and Public Policy 107
178 3 Introduction to International Business 101A & 101B or equivalents
180 3 Intro to Real Estate and Urban Land Economics Econ 1, Math 1A or 16A or equivalents
183 3 Introduction to Real Estate Finance 180
184 3 Urban and Real Estate Economics 101A or equivalents
187 1-4 Special Topics in Real Estate Economics and Finance  
191C 2 Communication for Leaders  
192A 3 Leading and Managing Nonprofit Organizations. 101A or equivalent
192N 1-5 Topics in Non-Profit Management  
192P 3 Strategic Corporate Social Responsibility & Consulting Projects  
192T 1-4 Topics in Corporate Social Responsibility  
195A 2 Entrepreneurship  
195P 3 Perspectives on Entrepreneurship  
195S 3 Entrepreneurship To Address Global Poverty  
195T 1-3 Topics in Entrepreneurship  
196 1-4 Special Topics in Business Administration  
198 1-4 Directed Group Study  
199 1-4 Supervised Independent Study and Research  
* Cross listed with AS C172. Enroll in UGBA C172 to receive upper-division business unit credit. Enroll in AS C172 to receive upper-division non-business unit credit.