Dual Degree

Graduate Program in Health Management

Graduate Program in Health Management

Dual Degree Program

Admissions & Fees


To apply for the MBA/MPH program, prospective students must complete the Berkeley MBA application and select the concurrent degree program. The School of Public Health does not require a separate application. MBA/MPH applications must be submitted before the final MBA deadline. Admission decisions follow the MBA schedule. Prospective students are evaluated by a joint review committee including the Associate Director of the Graduate Program in Health Management, the MBA Director of Admissions, and selected MBA/MPH students.

Previous experience suggests that prospective students should aim to meet the admission standards of the MBA program. Throughout the application, prospective students should indicate and demonstrate their commitment to healthcare.


The fees and tuition for the each semester of MBA/MPH program are the same as for each semester of the full-time MBA program (plus/minus ~$100).



Financial aid

MBA/MPH program students who are eligible for federal student loans are permitted a higher borrowing threshold, often removing the need to seek private loans.

The MBA/MPH program offers a variety of scholarships each year, including:

· The Rashell Young Foundation Fellowship for students who will be working in a healthcare-focused internship supporting underserved communities.
· The MBA/MPH Award for continuing students funded by the David Starkweather Fellowship, Edgar F. Kaiser Fellowshi, and Eugene E. Trefethen Jr. Fellowship

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Student statistics

Median age: 28 years
Average work experience: 5.2 years
Industry background %:

  • Consulting - 33%
  • Biobusiness - 28%
  • Research/Policy - 13%
  • International - 9%
  • Delivery/Insurance - 8%
  • Other - 9%

Median GMAT score: 705
Median undergraduate GPA: 3.51
Percentage of class with previous graduate degrees: 5%

General MBA career and internship statistics

General MPH internship statistics

For information about MBA career services, contact:

Betsy Worth

Assistant Director, MBA Recruiting

Account Manager Healthcare/Biotech
Chetkovich Career Center
Haas School of Business, room S330B
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720

For information about the School of Public Health career services or the MBA/MPH summer internship requirement, contact:

Kimberly MacPherson, MBA, MPH
MPH Program Director and Lecturer
Health Policy & Management
School of Public Health
University of California
247A University Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
(510) 642-9175
(510) 643-6981 FAX


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