Graduate Program in Health Management

Graduate Program in Health Management

Graduate Program in Health Management Alumni Association (GPHM-AA)

GPHM inherited a well-established alumni association from the prior Hospital Administration Program at UC Berkeley's School of Public Health. The Health Management Alumni Association has over 400 distinguished members and provides active support for the graduate program in numerous ways.

Students in the MBA/MPH program receive career and professional advise from program alumni via the GPHM-AA. The mentoring program matches current GPHM students with alumni throughout different areas of healthcare. Students can discuss their current classes, their summer internship choices and potential career opportunities with an experienced professional. They can learn about current, real-world issues in health management. This one-on-one mentoring can be a valuable tool for students to help them in the career choices. In addition, program alumni and students participate in a GPHM-AA-organized "speed mentoring" event (think speed dating!) each fall, where students have an opportunity to network with alumni from many healthcare fields.

The association has raised funds for student aid, notably through the establishment of the David Starkweather Fellowship and the class gift fund. The group also contributes money to the director's discretionary fund. The Alumni Association's Endowment Fund Campaign has raised over $100,000.

The association supports the field study portion of the curriculum through the identification of internships and residencies. Students and graduates are also helped with job placement through various career placement activities. The association also supports the mentor program that introduces health management students to practicing professionals in health management. At its annual alumni meeting, the association recognizes contributions made by alumni to the healthcare industry and its communities.