Graduate Program in Health Management

Dual Degree Program

Program Requirements: Curriculum

MBA/MPH students are expected to complete 80 units of coursework during their 2 1/2 years at Berkeley.

By comparison, an MBA-only degree requires 51 units; a MPH-only degree with a concentration in Health Policy and Management requires 48 units.

The MBA and MPH programs have separate sets of core courses for all students, which MBA/MPH students are expected to complete. In addition, the Health Management departments at the Haas School and the School of Public Health have their own set of core classes which MBA/MPH students must complete.

Course load requirements

Program Core Classes Health Management Core Classes Elective Classes Total
MBA 21 5 19 45
MPH 10 14 8 32
Any other graduate program 0 0 3 3
Totals 31 19 30 80

See a suggested curriculum schedule


Health Management Program elective courses

There is ample opportunity to take electives at both the Haas School and the School of Public Health, as well as elsewhere on campus.

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Health Management electives

See the elective courses(.pdf) rated based on their relevance given different career paths. Those who want to pursue a career in consulting should choose electives in the area they wish to consult. For example, those who wish to consult in pharmaceutical or biotechnology area should choose courses under that column.

For information about the MBA curriculum, contact:

Julia Min Hwang
Executive Director, Full-Time MBA Program
Haas School of Business, Room S440
University of California
Berkeley, CA 94720

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