Graduate Program in Health Management

Dual Degree Program

Program Requirements: Internship

One of the key benefits of the MBA/MPH program is the ability for students to complete two internships. Some students use this opportunity to evaluate their fit with different areas of the healthcare industry, while others test drive potential employers in their chosen field of interest.

The strength of UC Berkeley's GPHM is its firm footing in both the business and public health arenas. The summer internships are an integral component of the MBA/MPH program. The curriculum provides the skills and a world view required to create the healthcare leaders of tomorrow. Successful completion of internships in their chosen area of interest has been key to student learning and in pursuing a successful career upon graduation.

Students in the MBA/MPH program have the opportunity to complete two internships, but may choose to do only one in order to meet the formal requirement of the School of Public Health. This internship is similar to the regular MBA or MPH internships, with the exception that the MBA/MPH career advisor visits the student and her or his manager to discuss the progress of the internship. The MBA/MPH career advisor works closely with students to identify their long-term career objectives, and to ensure that those are being met in the short term by the internship. The student is expected to write a final report about the internship.

Internship guidelines

The formal internship requirement may be completed during either the first or second summer. Students earn 3 units of academic credit for the internship.

While most internships take place in the Bay Area, opportunities are available throughout the US as well as internationally. Recent internship sites include:


Bio-pharmaceutical, medical device, diagnostics and technology

Health plans, providers and services

Public health organizations

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Internship scholarships

A major challenge to placing students in community-based and international internships has been lack of funding at the sponsoring organization. Each summer, GPHM offers funding for up to two students at $5,000 each for internships in qualifying organizations. Qualifying organizations are domestic and international not-for-profit, non-governmental or quasi-governmental organizations with an established internship program and a history of no stipend (e.g., WHO, UNAIDS). It is preferred that the organization contribute some support to the student (compensation or in-kind). Funding is available only to students enrolled in the UC Berkeley MBA/MPH program.

Recent recipients of internship scholarships

In addition, the Haas for Students fund helps first-year Berkeley MBAs spend their summer working for a public or nonprofit organization while earning enough to pay basic living expenses. This fund is entirely student-run and is made possible by donations from the Haas community-- students, faculty and staff. MBA/MPH students are eligible if their internships meet the fund's criteria.

For information about School of Public Health career services or the MBA/MPH summer internship requirement, contact:

Kimberly MacPherson, MBA, MPH
MPH Program Director and Lecturer
Health Policy & Management
School of Public Health
University of California
247A University Hall
Berkeley, CA 94720-7360
(510) 642-9175
(510) 643-6981 FAX

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