Berkeley Business Academy for Youth

Program Questions

What effect does attending B-BAY have on my future?

Attending B-BAY can be a valuable addition to your college application. It shows colleges your interest in business and your motivation to look beyond the resources available at your own school. Because most high-school programs do not provide the depth of instruction and practical experience that B-BAY offers, this sets B-BAY alumni apart from other candidates. While you do not receive high school or college credits, you do gain invaluable knowledge and experience.

Can I still get the program certificate of completion if I have to leave the program early?

No. You must stay through the entire two-week session to receive a certificate of completion.

Do I have to complete all assigned work?

Yes. Students who do not complete all assigned work will not receive a certificate of completion.

Is after-program care available for my middle school student?

Yes, we provide care before and after the scheduled program for a fee of $50 per week, payable before the two-week program starts. If your child is not picked up by 3:30 pm, he or she will automatically be put into after-program care and you will be charged $50.

Can I choose not to attend or participate in a weekend activity and stay in the residence hall?

No. Students are required to participate in all activities unless they are ill. Once tickets are purchased for an activity, no refunds are granted.