Berkeley Business Academy for Youth

Residence Questions

Can students commute?

Middle school students can choose to commute or live in the dorm. All high school students attending B-BAY must live in the dorm for the entire two weeks.

How do you assign roommates?

We make room assignments based on the information you provide in your application. If you leave out any of this information, we will assign your roommate based on incomplete information.

If I live in the dorm, can I go home on the weekend?

No. Students must stay on campus, including weekends. You are required to participate in all activities unless you are sick or injured.

Can I bring my vehicle to campus?

No. Minors are not allowed to have a vehicle on campus. You can't transport other students in a vehicle while you're living on campus either.

I'm 18 years old. Do I still need to be supervised by an adult while in the program?


May I leave the dorm on my own?

No. You will have free time each day, but for your own safety, you must travel in pairs or groups when leaving the dorm.