High School Immersion Entrepreneurship

Berkeley Business Academy for Youth


"The past 14 days have really opened me up to the college lifestyle and gave me exposure to what four years at UC Berkeley would look like. I was able to meet people with different cultures and ethnicities and was able to learn about their backgrounds and stories. I enjoyed the entrepreneurship concept of the program as well since I was able to get a 2 week education from some of Haas' most renowned professors. Through these 14 days, I learned that people are friendly and willing to help and that I also have a lot to learn in the near future." Student, 2017

"B-BAY has been quite the experience. I have been challenged mentally, and I'm very grateful to have been a part of the program. I had never really been a part of a program with as much diversity and to have met so many people with so many different ideas and thoughts. At first it was personally challenging for me because I am a very introverted person, but getting to meet everyone was fun. It was also a challenge to understand and be open to the different viewpoints and perspectives people have, but that within itself is a skill, and I'd have to face the fact that not everyone thinks like me. I don't think there is anything wrong with the program, but it did seem to go by very quick. I would have wished for more time and more mentoring." Student, 2017

"Our expectation was for [students] to have an immersive experience on a college campus with a group of likeminded young people and learn about the basics of starting a business. We think the program met our expectations." Parent, 2017

"I expected my [student] exploring his passion in business and gain more knowledge in entrepreneurship. My experience was equal to or excelled my expectations because my [student] came back with new visions and even talks about maintaining his business with his teammates." Parent, 2017

"For the past two weeks, I have deeply experienced the college environment and gained a lot of professional business skills..I have learned how to play as a team member."
Student, 2016

"I very much enjoyed the various activities in most of the lectures because that gave us a heads-on experience with concepts being learned. It made learning the business curriculum more fun and encouraging."
Student, 2015

"I felt very lucky to have interacted with a group of prestigious and successful professors. They were not only excellent speakers and experienced teachers, but also very patient individuals"
Student, 2015

"We hoped that students would be exposed to all aspects of business. The experience met those expectations and more! We were so pleased that the students had mentors working with them."
Parent, 2016

"We expected our son to have an understanding or an overview of the basics of business, but given that there were only two weeks we weren't expecting him to be a businessman. You guys really ignited his interest in business"
Parent, 2015