Diversity at Haas

Inclusion Advisor Eric Abrams on Diversity

Diversity is All Encompassing.

Diversity is not only about how you look - it's about how you think. Our goal at Berkeley-Haas is to build a community of scholars who excel at learning from and teaching each other.

We are convinced that diversity is essential to the educational enterprise. We seek people from diverse backgrounds with diverse experiences to share their individual perspectives with our community. If you are looking to the future - and you want to question the status quo, have confidence without attitude, are truly going to be a student always, and want to go beyond yourself - we invite you to learn more about the amazing and diverse community here at Haas.

We Must Move from Diversity to Inclusion

My focus today is moving from diversity to inclusion. Those of us who are passionate about the value of diversity have made all of the progress that we can by talking only to each other-preaching to the choir, if you will. We need to bring others into the conversation.

Some people feel that they have nothing to gain from "the diversity conversation." Or perhaps that the conversation will make them feel guilt or shame. We need to engage with those who believe that diversity doesn't offer them much, or worse, believe that diversity takes something away from them.

How do we do that?

It may start with changing the language we use. Sadly, some people recoil at the very word "diversity." They may have heard it too much, believe that it has lost its meaning, or that it doesn't represent them. We need to show them that is not the case; everyone has something to gain when we enhance diversity. Perhaps it's time to retire the word "diversity." In its place, I propose a broader adoption of the word and the concept of inclusion.

Inclusion means that all voices are heard, that we recognize that everyone has something to contribute.

Having some level of understanding about diversity and inclusion matters because we all work with and lead colleagues, and live among neighbors from an incredibly wide variety of backgrounds. We at Haas can help you develop your cultural dexterity, which will make you a better manager and leader, and a better colleague and citizen.