Financial Aid

Budget Appeals

Students often rely on the University's expense estimates when budgeting for school. There is general consensus among Haas students, however, that these estimates do not reflect a typical Haas student's actual living expenses.

If you find that the financial aid budget does not adequately reflect your living expenses (for the 9-month academic year), you may submit a budget appeal to increase your budget for additional loan eligibility. The chart below lists items that can be considered, the amount already included in the student budget, and the maximum amount that can be added to your budget through the appeal.

  Amount Included Maximum
Add-on up to
Rent/mortgage plus utilities $12,618 $6,363
Transportation $3,020 $3,240
Computer Puchase $0 $3,000
Relocating/move-in expenses (entering students only) $0 $3,000
Medical Service Not Covered by Insurance $0 $5,000
Child care for dependents (under the age of 14) $0 $9,000 ($1,00/month)

The Budget Appeal form for the 2015-16 academic year will be available September 1, 2015 and can be completed any time during the year, until April 15, 2016. Please email the Haas Financial Aid Office for the form.

Non-Allowable Budget Adjustments: Federal Law specifically states that we cannot include consumber debt (ex. credit cards, car loans). We strongly suggest you attempt to repay any existing consumer debt prior to coming to Haas. In addition, expenses for student conferences, study trips, club fees or other extra-curricular activities cannot be added to your budget. These expenses are not considered for financial aid purposes as they are not required to earn your degree.