Financial Aid

Continuing Students

This list of Haas Scholarships is open to current Evening & Weekend MBA students. Details such as due dates, supplemental documentation, and essay prompts are noted to help students prepare for submission. Please note that meeting the minimum stated criteria does not mean you are guaranteed funds; rather, it means you are eligible for consideration. Unless otherwise noted, students graduating at the end of this academic year are ineligible to apply.

Terms and conditions

By applying for and receiving funds from these and any Berkeley- Haas awards students agree and understand that they also agree to the terms and conditions as applicable to each award.


The application for Spring 2018 has closed. Decisions will be released via email by the close of business on the dates indicated below:


Early Spring Decision

    • Industry

      Real Estate

    Falik Family Fellowship for $10,000 -one-year award

    Provided by the generosity of Bill Falik, a real estate fellowship of $10,000 will be awarded to an exceptional student who has demonstrated a passion for real estate and has exhibited significant leadership and entrepreneurial qualities during their graduate studies. One graduating student will be selected from the following graduate degree programs: Haas School of Business (Full Time and Evening-Weekend MBA), Boalt Law School, and the UC Berkeley College of Environmental Design.

      • PERSONAL STATEMENT: In 500 words or less, please answer the following questions:
        • Describe the real estate activities you are pursuing/doing in your graduate degree program (and if applicable, discuss you interest in / pursuit of the Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate in Real Estate).
        • What has motivated you to pursue a career in Real Estate?
        • How has your graduate education and/or your employment opportunities given focus to your career objectives?

    Applicants will also submit their resume and a Letter of Recommendation (LOR) from either a UCB faculty member or from a professional reference. Resumes and LOR can be uploaded via the application form.

    Deadline: Monday, March 19, 2018

    This application is separate from the Haas Online Scholarship Application. You will need to be logged in with your CalNet ID to access the application. Apply Here.



    Turner Fellowship- one year award

    Provided by the generosity of Daniel Turner III,Managing Director of Montreux Equity Partners. A $5,000 annual award will be given to a deserving Evenig- Weekend MBA candidate, who has demonstrated a commitment to an entrereneurial career.

      • PERSONAL STATEMENT: Please describe your career goals and entrepreneurial aspirations. Indicate how the fellowship will help you achieve your personal and professional goals. Limit response to 500 words.
    • Commuter Status

    OOBA Grant for Continuing Students

    Funded in part by the generosity of Abhishek Sharma (EWMBA '16), this pilot grant will be used to support continuing students who reside outside of the nine-county Bay Area and incur additional travel expenses. The application process for continuing students will take place from February 19, 2018 to March 19, 2018. Priority in the selection process will be given in large part to those who live farthest away from campus. The nine-county Bay Area region includes: San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, Napa, Sonoma, and Marin Counties.

    To access the application, please click here. (Current students can log-in using their Haas username and password. Can't remember your login? Contact the Haas HelpDesk)

    Award amount: TBD as funding is contingent upon responses from applicants. Award amounts will vary based on distance to campus.

    Continued eligibility is contingent upon continuous residence in your current city. You must report any relocation to another municipality to the Haas Financial Aid Office. Eligibility could be affected if you move into the 9-county Bay Area.

    • RESIDENCY VERIFICATION: Submit all documents as one PDF file only. If your documents contain an SSN or other sensitive data, you must black it out before you upload it into our system. Please upload 3 months worth of both utility bills, with your name and address, and proof of completed air travel if you are flying in for the weekend classes (Nov 2017 - Jan 2018).


Mid Spring Decision



Hansoo Lee Fellowship for $5,000 - one-year award

The Hansoo Lee Fellowship will provide a stipend and mentorship to help Berkeley Haas MBA students pursue their venture full-time for their summer internship. MBA students will also receive mentorship from Haas alums focused on entrepreneurship, and office space. Finalists will be contacted by the committee for an interview. This year's interview date is scheduled for Friday, April 20, 2018. This is a one-year award which can be renewed in subsequent years.
  • RESUME: Please upload the team's resumes
  • PERSONAL STATEMENT and VIDEO: Please answer the following questions. Limit your response to 750 words.
    • VIDEO:
      • Please provide the URL to a video, up to 2 minutes long, telling us about your company. (Productions value is not important)
      • URL should be provided as a part of the personal statement.
      • Can all founders commit full-time to the startup for the entirety of the summer? If not, please explain.
      • What have you done this school year to prepare for an entrepreneurial career?
      • How far along are you with the company? Share any relevant milestones.

Late Spring Decision


Not for Profit

Non-Profit/Public Service Scholarships for $10,000 - one-year award

The Non-Profit and Public Service Scholarship facilitates access to the Berkeley MBA for students whose current employment is in the non-profit or public service sectors. This is a one-year award which is not automatically renewed in subsequent years.

  • RESUME: Please upload an updated resume with your application
  • PERSONAL STATEMENT: Please provide a description of your work in the non-profit or public service sector and the impact it has in the community or society as a whole. Please articulate your commitment to this area in the future. Limit your response to 300 words

Need-Based Grants

Shapansky Grant for up to $10,000 - one-year award

Provided by the generosity of Juanita Shapansky. This grant was funded through a bequest from Juanita Shapansky in memory of her son Ronald, who graduated from UC Berkeley's San Francisco-based Evening & Weekend MBA program in 1986. Recipients will be awarded based on financial need. Net financial need is calculated by the Haas Financial Aid Office using guidelines adapted from the federal government. This is a one-year award which can be renewed in subsequent years.

  • PERSONAL STATEMENT: Please explain any special circumstances if applicable. Provide details as needed on any resources listed in the application, or not captured in the resources section. Limit your response to 200 words.
  • INCOME VERIFICATION: Submit all documents as one PDF file only. Include documentation for self and spouse/partners where applicable. If your documents contain an SSN or other sensitive data, you must black it out before you upload it into our system. Please note that the need-based Shapansky Grant, in addition to the online scholarship application, requires you to submit your most recent 1040 form or equivalent tax return. If you have not filed yet for 2017, submit the 2016 tax form to us. If you have filed your 2017 tax return, you must submit the 2017 tax form to us. The same methodology applies to foreign tax returns and their respective tax years.
    • You are required to upload the following documentation once you submit this application as follows:
      • Year to date earnings for 2017
        • Pay stub with totals or W2 (include self and spouse/partners where applicable)
      • Completed Federal Tax return (see details above)
      • Statements for all assets noted for the last 3 months starting as of the end of this application
    • A note for International Applicants - If you are not required to file a tax return, please provide us with an earnings statement. If you have filed taxes outside of the US, provide a copy of your federal tax return as well as a translation of the following items from your return or asset statements, if applicable:
      • Total Earned Income
      • Other Income
      • Adjusted Gross Income
      • Total Tax Paid
      • Dates and Balances on Asset Statements

Deatrick / Przybylski Award for $2,000 - one-year award

Preference is given to single parents or those re-entering the workforce after a significant period of non-employment. This is a one-year award which can be renewed in subsequent years.

  • PERSONAL STATEMENT: Please describe how you are the best fit for this scholarship. Limit your response to 200 words.

Merit Awards

  • Haas Student Leadership Scholarship for Evening-Weekend Students

    This $10,000 scholarship is awarded to students that display exemplary leadership within the campus community. Both breadth and depth of involvement at Haas will be considered. Successful applicants for the leadership award have embodied the Defining Leadership Principles, demonstrated commitment and service to Haas School of Business, and have acted as positive, path-bending leaders who steward the Haas brand in all that they do.


      • PERSONAL STATEMENT: Please detail your experience in leadership within the Haas community. How have you exemplified the Defining Leadership Principles during your time as an MBA candidate? How will you represent Haas going forward next year and after graduation? Limit your response to 400 words.
      • RECOMMENDATIONS: Provide a list of 2 peers and 2 faculty/ staff members who can be called upon to speak on your behalf in support of the leadership activities you have described in your personal statement. The list should include: full name, title/ role at Haas, email address. Outreach will only be made once an applicant has reached the finalist stage. Include this information with the personal statement.


  • Engelbrecht Award for $2,000 - one-year award

Provided by the generosity of friends and family of the class of 2000 in memory of David Engelbrecht. This award is for continuing students who have demonstrated academic excellence. The application process for this award does not require a personal statement. The decision date may be slightly later as we will await the final spring 2017 grades for consideration. This is a one-year award which can be renewed in subsequent years.

Funding Opportunities Administered by Other Departments

This is not an exhaustive list and each institute or center at Haas may have other opportunities. Refer to the applicable websites for the latest information.

  • The Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program integrates entrepreneurial thinking into the Haas student experience and to assist Haas and UC Berkeley students in launching new ventures. The program gives students multidisciplinary experiential learning opportunities, seed funding for selected startups, and connections to the greater UC Berkeley and Bay Area entrepreneurial ecosystems. The Berkeley Haas Entrepreneurship Program coordinates: