Evening & Weekend MBA Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance

Fees are assessed by UC Berkeley on a per-unit basis and derived from the approved fees from the UC Office of the President. Fees as of June 13, 2014 are $2,929.50 per unit for the 2014-15 academic year. (Fees were $2,790 per unit for the 2013-2014 academic year.) Costs are always subject to change.

The following budgets are for the nine-month academic year. These budgets have been determined by the university primarily for financial aid purposes. If you apply for financial aid, these official budgets will be used to determine financial aid eligibility. Except for some U.S. veterans, or upon successful appeal, your total financial aid processed by the Haas Financial Aid Office or through the unviersity financial aid system (MyFinAid) cannot exceed the cost of attendance below.

The cost of books and course materials is included in the program fees for continuing students. Beginning 2014-15 incoming students will receive an iPad to access course materials and purchase e-books. The cost of the iPad will not be additional and is included in the program fees.

Please note that EWMBA fees are subject to change and you should expect them to rise each year of the MBA program.

2014-15 Cost of Attendance
  First Year Students (8 Units/term) Second Year Students (7 Units/term) Third Year Students (6 Units/term)
EWMBA Program Fees $46,872 $41,013 $35,154
Health Insurance Plan $3,154 $3,154 $3,154
Estimated Living Expenses $23,042 $23,042


Estimated Books & Supplies $1,300 N/A N/A
TOTAL BUDGET $74,368 $67,209 $61,350

Explanation of Fees

  • Class Pass / Transit Fee: Included in the EWMBA Fees, UC Berkeley charges a bus pass fee per semester, itemized on your e-Bill. All students must pay this fee, and it cannot be waived even if you later withdraw for the semester.
  • This budget does not include items such as credit card debt or automobile expenses. We recommend that you reduce these obligations before you enter school, as they cannot be considered in your financial aid budget under federal regulations.

Prior year EWMBA costs