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Evening & Weekend MBA Financial Aid

Entering Students

All Haas Scholarships in the Evening & Weekend MBA Program are one-year awards. Consequently for scholarships that require an application, students need to apply annually for reconsideration in subsequent years for any applicable scholarships. (Please note, the Merit Scholarship is an exception as it's awarded separately and does not require an application, details below.) Both admitted and continuing students will apply online for Haas Scholarships. All students regardless of citizenship status can apply for Haas Scholarships.

Below are the deadlines for consideration, the application link, and a description of scholarships available. Please note that funding is limited. Scholarships are awarded to all who qualify and so funding may run out before the second review date. Admitted students are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. Applications will only be considered for admitted and current students.

Click here to access: The Haas Online Scholarship Application

Here are the Review Dates for all scholarships which require an application, with the exception of the Out of Bay Area Grant.

Review Date 1
Review Date 2
Review Date 3
Scholarship Application Due

Scholarship Decision Date


OOBA (Outside of Bay Area) Grants up to $3,000 - first year only

Application Deadline: October 2, 2014, for a decision by October 17, 2014

The OOBA Grant is for students commuting from outside the nine-county Bay Area and who consequently incur additional expenses. The application process for students starting Fall will take place in September. Priority in the selection process will be given in large part to those who live farthest away from campus. The nine-county Bay Area includes: San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Alameda, Contra Costa, Solano, Napa, Sonoma, and Marin Counties.

Merit Scholarship for $10,000 - first year only

The Merit Scholarship is awarded either upon admission or shortly thereafter. Unlike other scholarships below you do not apply for it separately. It is based on the overall strength of your admissions application. This is a one-year award.

Dean's Scholarships for $10,000 - first year only

The Dean's Scholarship is awarded to students who have experience promoting diversity. Please note this scholarship is only awarded to first year students for the one year. Students who meet one or more of the following criteria are encouraged to apply:

  • You will commute to Haas from outside the Bay Area,
  • You can demonstrate a commitment to ethnic diversity
  • You are committed to shaping the role women play in business
  • You work in an industry that is unique among our current population

Required personal statement: Please describe how your personal or professional experience would promote diversity within the Evening & Weekend MBA Program. Are you someone who has promoted ethnic diversity or the role women play in business? Will you be commuting to Haas from out of the Bay Area? Do you work in an industry or job function that is unique among our current population? Limit your response to 500 words.

Non-Profit/Public Service Scholarships for $10,000

The Non-Profit and Public Service Scholarship, formerly known as the EWMBA Grant, facilitates access to the Berkeley MBA for students whose current employment is in the non-profit or public service sectors. Priority is given to students who currently work in the non-profit or public service sectors though students working in corporate social responsibility or sustainability may be considered.

Required Personal Statement: Please provide a description of the work you do and the impact it has in the community or society as a whole. If you are not working for a nonprofit, please explain why you should be considered for this scholarship. Limit your response to 250 words.

You will also have to submit the Employer Verification Form for this scholarship.It can be attached to your application online even after you have submitted the application form. Please attach the completed form by your preferred review date.

Shapansky Scholarships for $10,000

Provided by the generosity of Juanita Shapansky. This scholarship was funded through a bequest from Juanita Shapansky in memory of her son Ronald, who graduated from UC Berkeley's San Francisco-based Evening & Weekend MBA program in 1986. Recipients will be awarded based on financial need. Net financial need is calculated by the Haas Financial Aid Office using guidelines adapted from the federal government.

Required Personal Statement: Please explain why you need financial assistance. Discuss any special circumstances or hardships you currently face as applicable to the scholarships you selected in this application. Provide details as needed on any resources listed in the application. Limit your response to 200 words.