Haas School of Business

Full-time MBA Financial Aid

Cost of Attendance

Below is the estimated cost of attendance for the 2013-2014 academic year. These figures have been determined by the university primarily for financial aid purposes. If you apply for financial aid, the official cost of attendance below will be used to determine aid eligibility.

UPDATE as of March 12, 2014: We do not expect tuition & fees to go up in 2014-15. We do expect there to be an increase in Health Insurance. Some estimates for living expenses will go up, increasing your financial aid capacity.

Fee Increases for 2013-14
When it comes to your total assessed fees, namely your billable costs, we have good news to share. Compared to last year, the expected increase is negligible. We expect assessed fees to be as listed below, representing an increase of less than $500. You can compare prior year costs by accessing the PDFs below.

Professional Degree Supplemental Tuition $38,548 $28,850
California Non-Resident Tuition (NRT) N/A $12,245
System wide University Fees (EdFee, RegFee) $12,192 $12,192
UC Berkeley Fees (CampusFee, ClassPass Fee)1 $671.50 $671.50
Health Insurance Plan2 $2,772 $2,772
Total Assessed Fees $54,183.50 $56,730.50
Rent & Utilities $10,778 $10,778
Food $6,398 $6,398
Transportation $2,964 $2,964
Personal $1,468 $1,468
Estimated Living Expenses3 $21,608 $21,608
Books & Supplies estimate $2,500 $2,500
TOTAL BUDGET4 $78,291.50 $80,838.50

1 The university also charges all incoming students a one-time Doc Fee of $83 in the Fall semester not included above. This is designed to allow smoother processing for requesting university transcripts over time.

2 The mandatory Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP) may be waived upon submission of proof of a comparable health insurance policy. Waiver forms are available on the University Health Services (UHS) web page in PDF format. Waiver requests must be submitted by August 31st for entering students; by July 15th for continuing students.

3 Room and board costs are on the conservative side and assume careful budgeting as well as sharing living quarters with at least one other person. Please be aware that your expenses may be higher depending on your personal lifestyle.

4 This budget does not include items such as credit card debt or automobile expenses. We recommend that you reduce these obligations before you enter school, as they cannot be considered in your financial aid budget under federal regulations. The budget does not include the costs of the Haas Summer Workshops (Quantitative and Communication), as these are optional.

Prior year costs