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Full-time MBA Financial Aid


Haas Scholarships

Scholarships are an excellent resource for students seeking help with the cost of their education while reducing the dependence on loans to cover educational expenses.

In general, there are two types of scholarships: institutional scholarships from Haas and outside scholarships from other organizations. This section and subpages contain information on both types of scholarships, as well as resources to help locate other funding opportunities.

Fellowship Designations: In addition to the scholarships described on the Entering Students subpage, there are opportunities to obtain a Fellowship Designation. These are connections we are able to make for scholarship recipients based on criteria below to assist with networking and conference opportunities. There are often also educational workshops and volunteer opportunities associated with each. Below are organizations with whom we currently provide this benefit.

  • The Forte Foundation works to empower female MBA students.
  • Reaching Out MBA works to empower LGBT MBA students.
  • The Consortium works to empower those committed to diversity.
    For the Consortium, prospective students apply for admission through the Consortium process and those admitted usually receive a Fellowship Designation whether or not they also receive a monetary award.

UC Berkeley Scholarships

If you are eligible for Federal Loans and have dependent children you could qualify for the Parent Grant for up to $8,000 per year. It is the only non-loan funding available from the Federal Governemnt for Graduate Students in the Full-time MBA Program. To qualify, you must complete the FAFSA. For more information, refer to the Graduate Division webpage on Student Family Assistance.

The Graduate Division at UC Berkeley also has a scholarship resource page, though many give preference to PhD students.

Outside Scholarships and Pre-MBA Opportunities

Check out our outside scholarships list with opportunities from external organizations.

The MasterCard Foundation Scholars Program (MCFS) offers economically disadvantaged students (bottom 40% income per country) from Sub-Saharan Africa with comprehensive support for their education at UC Berkeley.  Scholars selected for this program have demonstrated a commitment to social change in their communities and on the African continent. To be considered you must be admitted to the university through the regular admissions process and you must apply for one of our Haas Scholarships as soon as possible before the MCFS Program decision dates. The first round of admissions and first scholarship review date would meet this timeline.

Finally, many companies and organizations offer what are referred to as pre-MBA Fellowships. These opportunities often involve an internship of some kind the summer before your matriculate at Haas. For a full list of various pre-MBA opportunities open to admitted students, visit the New Admit Website.