Financial Aid

Program Costs

Each year the Haas Financial Aid Office provides an estimated cost of attendance as the basis for determining financial aid eligibility. You may use the chart below to estimate the cost of attending the MFE Program. As official figures are averaged for all UC Berkeley students, actual housing costs may be higher. All fees are subject to change. Cost of attendance items, and subsequent financial aid options, are subject to change due to votes by the UC Regents, UCOP policy changes, external or internal audits, or Congressional action. These figures were updated October 4, 2017 and may be adjusted prior to your start date.

Amounts will vary for indirect costs.  For instance, housing costs differ depending on neighborhoods, types of housing, and the degree to which housing is shared. Students who will attend with their families should expect to augment any budget estimates by at least 35% for an accompanying spouse and 20% for each child. Case by case reviews of living and transportation expenses may result in additional eligibility for student loans. Please contact the Haas Financial Aid Office for information on how to request an adjustment.

MFE Class of 2019 (Spring 2018-Winter 2019)

*Estimated Health Insurance plan costs are based on 2017-18 actual expenses. Revised costs expected in 2018.

**Estimated living expenses are based on instruction dates and do not account for periods of non-instruction such as breaks between terms or the internship period.

***AB990 Disclosure: Information about the market cost of a one-bedroom apartment in the areas surrounding campus where its students commonly reside can be found on the UC Berkeley Housing Resource page (see Off-Campus Housing> Typical Rent ranges).

MFE Class of 2020 (Spring 2019-Winter 2020)

Program and University fees: $72,920

Other related costs to be determined.