Financial Aid

Billing and Payments

Viewing the E-Bill
The university generates an E-Bill for Haas students for tuition, fees, and other charges at the beginning of each term. The E-Bill statement is distributed online and can be accesed any time by selecting the following tabs/links in BearFacts: CARS > Monthly E-Bill > Go to e-Bill > I Agree > CARS Bill. After clicking the CARS Bill button, the pdf E-Bill statement will be displayed.

After the initial E-Bill, new E-Bill statements are generated for those students who have new activity since the prior statement, or who carry a credit or debit balance. When a new statement is generated, an email notification is sent directly to the student's Berkeley email account. Individuals authorized to view a student's statements are also notified through email that a new statement is ready to view and/or pay online.

Quick Statement
The E-Bill is a "snapshot" of the charges and credits to the student's account as of a specific date, and is not updated between billing cycles. Students can view an updated balance between billing cycles on the Quick Statement tab in the CARS section of BearFacts.

CalCentral Itemization
Students can also see an itemization of debits and credits by visiting the My Finances > Details tab in CalCentral. This is similar to the Quick Statement in that it shows an updated total owed between billing cycles. However it also shows the details of the remaining fees.