Financial Aid

Budgeting Tips

Many students rely on the expense estimates provided on this website when budgeting for school. The estimates provided have been determined by the university, and are on the conservative side. There is general consensus among students at Haas that the numbers do not accurately reflect a typical Haas student's budget.

We recommend trying to delay borrowing funds your first term. This allows you to test your budgeting choices and delays interest accrual as loans do not accrue interest until disbursed.

Because many students borrow money through a variety of educational loan programs in order to finance their expenses while at the Haas School, it's important to understand your current financial status. If you have outstanding undergraduate educational debt or other consumer loans (such as a car loan, mortgage, credit cards, etc.), you need to understand what your repayment obligation is and how this will affect your ability to handle additional debt. Developing a personal budget can help in detailing your specific monthly expenses and what resources you will have available to cover those expenses.

The easiest way to develop a personal budget is to use a budget calculator. The goal is to determine how much you spend each month on the various items or expenses. It should be as detailed and as accurate as possible.