Full-time MBA Financial Aid

Company Sponsorship

It is possible that some or all of your tuition and fees can be covered by a third party. If your fees are paid by a government agency, foundation, employer, or other outside organization, it is your responsibility to ensure that payment of fees is properly credited. Please have your company email the Billing Office at sponsoredstudent@berkeley.edu with an authorization letter on company letterhead. The letter should indicate the following information.

  1. Duration of sponsorship
  2. Your name
  3. Your 8-digit student ID number
  4. Amount of sponsorship
  5. Any amount of fees that will not be covered (ex: health insurance)
  6. Billing address to send our invoice
  7. Contact information for your agency (phone number, email and fax number)

Once they receive the authorization letter they will process a sponsor award to pay your fees. The award will be reflected on MyFinAid and on your monthly E-Bill. They will send an invoice to your agency during the September-October timeframe for the fall semester's fees. Your agency can remit payment by mailing a check, wiring a payment or utilizing a bank-to-bank transfer. It is important that they include your SID# on their payment. Here is a link of those payment options.

The university only bills one semester at a time so your agency should only send payment based on the amount invoiced. See the Registrar's Office for an itemization of fees.

In many cases, the sponsor will want to see a completion of semester courses prior to payment so you may need to pay your fees first and then get reimbursed upon completion of the semester.