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Health Insurance

As approved by a vote of UC Berkeley students, and ratified by the UC Regents, it is an enrollment policy that all students must be covered by major medical health insurance while attending UC Berkeley. All students are automatically enrolled in the UC Student Health Insurance Plan (UC SHIP) and charged a health insurance premium (SHIP fee) as part of their registration fees.

SHIP can be waived by submitting the health insurance waiver form online with proof of a comparable health insurance policy. The waiver must be completed each academic year at University Health Services. Please note that student health insurance does not include spouse or dependents; that coverage must be purchased separately. In order to waive SHIP, you must be enrolled in a private medical health insurance plan that meets ALL of the waiver requirements detailed on the University Health Services (UHS) website.

Executive MBA students will have a different initial SHIP Waiver submission deadline due to the unique start date of the program.

  • New/Entering students online by May 3rd (manually the following week by initially emailing uhswaivers@lists.berkeley.edu)
  • Continuing students by July 15th

To complete the form, you will need an active CalNet ID and details about your health insurance plan, including the company name and phone number, group number, the student's policy identification number, the policy holder's relationship to the student, and the summary of benefits. UHS provides a waiver worksheet (PDF) to gather this information in advance of using the online waiver tool. You will receive a confirmation number upon completion of the form. Print that page for your records.

For any Executive MBA (EMBA) admits who are not able to waive SHIP (Student Health Insurance Plan) by the online deadline of May 3rd due to late admission or delayed Student ID Number processing, please email uhswaivers@lists.berkeley.edu for a manual waiver process. The student must state that they are an EMBA admit and their admit date (Summer 2013).

For more information, please call the Student Health Insurance Office at (510) 642-5700 or email your questions to (ship@uhs.berkeley.edu).