Financial Aid

Payment Options

Due Dates and Late Fees

The bill is due August 15th for fall and January 15th for spring. Bills for summer enrollment are usually due June 15th. Any unpaid balance or new charges are due in subsequent months on the 15th of the month. Complete information on payment options is available on the Billing & Payment Services website.

Charges incurred throughout the term will be billed periodically and are due by the date listed on the E-Bill. To determine the amount due, students can view the current balance due on the Quick Statement tab on the CARS section of BearFacts.

A $150 late registration fee may be assessed if the minimum payment is not received by the end of the add/drop period.

If a balance of $50 or more remains after the due date, a late fee of up to $25 may be added to your charges.

Most Common Payment Options

The University strongly prefers that student's pay online. For payments drawn on foreign banks, the University recommends a wire transfer as the most efficient method of payment. Additional information for common payment methods is listed below.

1) Online Payments via e-Check

UC Berkeley provides a secure and convenient process for online payments via an ACH debit from your checking or savings account.  Please note that e-Check payments are assessed a nonrefundable convenience fee of $0.50 per transaction, which will be deducted from your bank account.

Students can make online payments by selecting the following tabs/links in BearFacts: CARS > Monthly E-Bill > Go to e-Bill > I Agree > Pay Now. There you can securely authorize a debit from a U.S. checking or savings account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. A confirmation number is given after electronic payment has been accepted. Payments will be credited to the CARS E-Bill within two business days.

2) Deferred Payment Plan (DPP) via e-Check

A Deferred Payment Plan exists for those students who prefer to pay in five monthly installments. A non-refundable participation fee of $40 will be assessed to your CARS account for each semester that the Deferred Payment Plan is utilized. Please do not pay the $40 fee until it is billed.

To enroll in DPP, use e-Check to submit the amount of the first installment as noted in the "Deferred Payment Amount Due" box of the PayNow page. You will not be on DPP until the first payment is received; subsequent payment amounts will be included in the "Minimum Amount Due" box listed on the monthly bill.

Students receiving financial aid for a portion of their fees may choose to utilize the Deferred Payment Plan as well. You cannot use pending financial aid towards DPP. A payment via e-Check is the only way to sign up for DPP. Your financial aid disbursement will be applied toward the future payments when it disburses. Financial aid funds disburse all at once regardless of your payment option. That is, you do not draw-down on loan funds monthly even if you sign up for DPP

3) Bank-to-Bank Transfer (through Western Union, formerly through Travelex)

Though wire transfers are accepted for international payments, please note that the university's bank may charge a small fee to receive funds via wire transfer.

However the university now offers a cheaper option through Western Union bank-to-bank transfer. This option allows you to pay using a foreign currency.