International Business Development

IBD Mission Statement

Helping clients redefine how they do business globally.

Berkeley Haas Defining Leadership Principles:

The Berkeley Haas School of Business has long lived by certain fundamentals that define and differentiate us. These include the pursuit of excellence and the tenet of inclusion, centerpieces for all of us who work and study at UC Berkeley. Here at Berkeley Haas there are four defining leadership principles that, taken together, distinctly describe us on campus as well as in our approach to an IBD project.

Question the Status Quo.

Just because you've always done business one way is not the reason you should continue doing so. Our expertise is coupled with a fresh perspective that will open up new insights into the operational and strategic potential of your organization.

Confidence Without Attitude.

We have experience helping a multitude of organizations, but each one is different, with unique needs. Leaders listen. We take the time to understand your concerns and assess all relevant data to address them professionally and responsibly.

Beyond Yourself.

Our students tell us over and over again that they want to make a positive impact. IBD is one of the best opportunities in business school to extend out of one's comfort zone and engage with another culture in a meaningful way.

Students Always.

Our teams ask questions. Lots of questions. The quest for knowledge does not subside upon graduation. An earnest and dedicated love of learning pervades our community.