For Clients

International Business Development

Client Commitment

The companies and organizations served by IBD span the globe, often operating in multiple countries or regions. They can be US or non-US companies with headquarters anywhere in the world. We ask that each IBD client or sponsor provide us with the following:

  • Project Owner. This individual will be the primary point of contact and will communicate with the IBD student team on a weekly basis throughout the project to ensure that the project's goals are met.

  • Relevant Data. Having access to appropriate data and interview subjects or personnel will help your IBD student team undertake the necessary research to resolve your outstanding business issues.

  • On-site Investment. Your IBD student team will be with you, on-site, for either two weeks (Summer IBD) or three weeks (Spring IBD). We ask that you allot time and resources to help facilitate their work which may include, for example, assistance scheduling interviews in advance of the team's arrival. In addition, we ask that IBD clients cover the following project expenses: 1) travel and lodging (two to a room) for a team of MBA students in the project country; and 2) a sponsorship fee.  Clients are not responsible for IBD students' food, healthcare, visas, vaccinations, and entertainment while they are in-country.