Success Stories

Comaco This client combined the power of two IBD teams to conduct a performance audit, create a 5-year strategic plan and finally recommend a geographic expansion strategy. The team's video won the Global Business School Network's annual MBA video challenge, entitled "Can An MBA Change the World?". We hope you enjoy it.






Kyivstar GSM: Ukraine An IBD team was assigned the task of preparing a business plan for Kyivstar GSM, a wireless telephone operator in Ukraine. The work they did was extremely well received. The client indicated that "The representatives of one investment bank that we have contact with told me that this was the best and most solid Business Plan they had seen not only in Eastern Europe, but for a cellular company in general."





Levi Strauss & Co. Russia Levi Strauss asked MBAs Laura Flores, Bob Herbst, and David Pritchard to investigate markets for their denim products in three Russian cities: Nizhniy Novgorod (formerly Gorky); Kazan, capital of the Republic of Tatarstan; and Tyumen, in Western Siberia. "Our goal was to determine the viability of sales in each city, as well as identify potential partners to open and run Levi's stores," says Flores. "Previously, Levi Strauss had only targeted urban areas such as Moscow and St. Petersburg."

"We spent three to four intense days in each city, interviewing government officials and exploring the main commercial streets to perform in-depth demographic surveys, foot counts, and price comparisons. We also talked to operators of Western joint ventures about terms and expectations."

The team recommended an entry strategy for the Russian market, identifying potential distribution partners in each of the surveyed cities. Levi's marketing executives in Geneva were so impressed with the depth and breadth of the preliminary report that they flew the team to Switzerland to make a formal presentation to the Eastern European executive group.

"The Haas MBAs amassed a robust, yet discerning body of information in just three weeks. They gave us in-depth insights into segments of the Russian market that might have taken us months to gather."
- Giuseppe Righini, Executive Vice President, Eastern Europe, Levi Strauss & Co.




Ghana School Feeding Programme

Ghana School Feeding Programme If you have ever tried to study on an empty stomach, you know it is not an easy thing to do. The Ghana School Feeding Programme (GSFP) is a dual mission organization that strives to both alleviate hunger and increase domestic food production. By partnering with local schools, GSFP helps improve enrollment and retention by ensuring each student receives a hot and nutritious meal daily. The food is usually locally grown, improving the agricultural economy of the surrounding area.

Many IBD teams have worked in conjunction with the GSFP, including the team that drafted the initial business plan. That business plan was instrumental in helping GSFP secure a $25 million grant from the Dutch government, to be distributed over the course of ten-year period. We have since sent several teams to work on issues such as expansion and operational efficiency.

GSFP provides a hot and nutritious meal to approximately 500,000 children every day and partners with more than 1,000 schools.



Ashesi University

Ashesi University In 1998 an IBD team undertook an unconventional path - the business plan they developed was their own. Patrick Awuah, then an MBA and recently named one of Fast Company's 100 most creative people, has built the first private non-denominational university, Ashesi University, in his home country of Ghana. Together with his IBD teammates including Nina Marini, co-founder of Ashesi, they evaluated the feasibility of launching a new University in Accra focused on business administration, technology and leadership.

Ashesi means 'beginning' in the Akan language. The IBD program is honored that Patrick and his teammates were able to begin such a journey through Haas. In continuation of our partnership and mutual support, IBD teams continue to work with Patrick for Ashesi. Currently, we have a team assigned to their expansion project to build another location outside of Accra.

First Person
John Pearson

John Pearson

"Collaborating with a Berkeley-Haas IBD team was a great experience - they conducted primary research on our behalf, which will be a valuable tool as we move forward with our strategic planning."