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International Business Development

Student Commitment


IBD holds teamwork in high esteem, and structures its teams in such a way that each person brings a different strength. This diversification ensures that all members are equally valued and respected.


Being able to work through changes and shifting priorities is a must. IBD expects students to maintain a willingness to work together to overcome the unexpected.

Open mind

Your client may be located in a country to which you have never traveled, and may be in an industry that you're unfamiliar with. Fostering an open mind and learning to value new relationships is an integral part of the IBD experience.


First year, Full-Time MBAs are eligible to bid in the fall semester for the spring program. Second year, Evening-Weekend MBAs are eligible to apply in the spring semester for the summer program.


IBD students participate in coursework and correspond with their clients remotely from the United States for the first portion of the course; however, once the semester is finished students will fly to their IBD client's location to spend three weeks in-country from mid-May to early June (FTMBA) or two weeks in-counry during the end of July (EWMBA). Note: You can participate in IBD and still complete a summer internship.


IBD is a year-long course that begins in the spring (or summer) semester that you particiate in IBD, and culminates in the fall semester following with the annual IBD Conference.


When you apply to IBD, you will have a chance to broadly prioritize where you want to work, whether by continent, country, sector or language ability. Note: we cannot guarantee accommodation of your preferences.