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MBA CareerNet * — open exclusively to Berkeley MBAs — enables you to browse more than 300 jobs currently available, and it's updated constantly. Job boards attract recruiters, employers, and opportunities that require or prefer an MBA and value the distinctive leadership attributes a Haas MBA brings. And because alumni just launching careers have different goals and talents than mid-career or senior-level professionals, Haas job postings help you target opportunities that suit your professional profile.

Search online. Sign up for a weekly email newsletter of new posts. Create a custom job search agent to be "pinged" when new job posts match your criteria. And market yourself face-to-face at Haas job fairs.

* First-time MBA CareerNet job searchers: You will need a CalNet ID to login, the same CalNet ID used to login to Haas@Cal. If you need to apply for a CalNet ID, it will speed the process if you have your PIN. That's the number above the mailing label on anything the Haas School has mailed you, such as the BerkeleyHaas magazine (formerly named CalBusiness). It is also at the bottom of our email newsletter, eHAN. See Related Links below for help.