MBA Alumni —Tools & Resources

Because Berkeley MBA graduates are self-starters —and Students Always —the Haas School provides tools and resources to help you market yourself strategically and follow a career path that keeps you engaged and ever-striving for excellence.

Self Assessment

Increase your potential for success with Career Leader, an interactive online self-assessment instrument developed by the Harvard Business School. Use this tool to evaluate your interests, values, and abilities. Berkeley MBA alumni receive a discount.

Research is an online tool for industry blogs and company/industry guides, and Haas alumni receive an exclusive 15% discount for all products and services. Email us for the coupon code.


Proactive networking is the most successful way to investigate new companies and career opportunities, gain access to people inside the organizations you're targeting, and get a new job that matches your skills and ambitions. Haas offers a number of ways in which to keep in touch with peers who might be a source of opportunity.

Other Resources:

  • Resumes: Your resume can be more than a generic career calling card. Meet with an advisor to update, then upload yours to The Berkeley MBA Experienced-Hire Resume Database in MBA CareerNet.
  • Cover letters: Learn to craft cover letters that inspire potential employers to investigate the skilled professional behind your resume. View samples in MBA CareerNet - Go to Resources > Prepare > Cover Letters.
  • Negotiating: Whatever avenue of business you choose, at one time or another, you'll need to negotiate something, whether it's a new client contract or a raise in salary. Sharpen your skills to improve your outcomes. Benchmark against the most recent Haas Alumni Salary Survey in MBA CareerNet - Go to Resources > Perform > Salary Negotiation.