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MBA Alumni — Tools and Resources

Because Haas MBA graduates are self-starters — and students always — the Haas School provides tools and resources to help you market yourself strategically and follow a career path that keeps you engaged and ever-striving for excellence.


Increase your potential for success with Career Leader, an interactive online self-assessment instrument developed by the Harvard Business School. Use this tool to evaluate your interests, values, and abilities. Berkeley MBA alumni receive a discount.


Haas Alumni Relations provides graduates with free access to Factiva, a collection of 9,000 sources including the Wall Street Journal. is an online tool for industry blogs and company/industry guides, and Haas alumni receive an exclusive 15% discount for all products and services. email us for the coupon code.


Proactive networking is the number-one way to investigate new companies and career opportunities, gain access to people inside the organizations you're targeting, and get a new job that matches your skills and ambitions. The Haas School offers a number of forums for keeping in touch with peers who just might be a source of opportunity.