AlJosa Jenko MBA 07

Aljosa has fourteen years of experience as entrepreneur, Chief Executive Officer, e-business advisor and board member of several media and technology companies across Europe, Asia and the United States.

Aljosa has been supervising and advising five companies in the fields of web development, software, interactive advertising and online media in twelve European, three Asian countries and US. He has been responsible for strategic, legal and financial issues, raising money, M&A, international expansions and exits.

After finishing his MBA Aljosa returned to Httpool, a leading online and mobile advertising network he launched in 2000. Since 2007 Aljosa further expanded the group from five to currently sixteen international markets and played a crucial role in developing the markets and setting technology and industry standards. He is a regular speaker at marketing festivals, seminars and e-business conferences in the region.

Aljosa obtained his MBA degree from Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley in 2007 and is a Kauffman Finalist. He is fluent in five languages, holder of black belt in Karate and licensed skipper and scuba diver.