William Beeson, BS 56
President, San Diego Chapter

Bill’s experience over the last 40 years includes both management and consulting positions in the financial and services industries, as well as in manufacturing.  Bill’s responsibilities have ranged from the development and implementation of project plans for our lunar landing program (General Dynamics/Astronautics) to the implementation of productivity improvement, which resulted in over $50 million in increased earnings.  Also during this period, Bill established and managed the development of the Systems and Procedures groups in two organizations: Fotomat Corporation and Central (Coast) Savings Bank.

Today Bill is the President of the Arbor Group and Arbor Consultants, a company focused on helping companies and financial institutions facilitate and enhance their strategic plans; assess, develop, and implement performance enhancement strategies; and provide operational and administrative documentation.  Since 1986 the Arbor Group has assisted over 200 companies with a variety of services and products. 

Bill served on the CAA Board of Directors and still participates in a variety of community organizations including the boy Scouts, American Diabetes Association, Special Olympics, and the Nature Conservancy.  His military service was in NATO with the US Army, 10th Mountain Division.

While at Cal earning his BS degree in Industrial Engineering, Bill played varsity rugby and football, with ‘Pappy’ Waldorf.  More importantly, he met his bride-to-be, Carole.