Jorge A Viera, MBA 01

Jorge is currently Managing Director at Cenco Zotti, a mid size distributor of specialty chemicals in Venezuela. In addition to that he serves in the Board of Directors of Ron Santa Teresa, a leading Venezuelan rum producer and distributor with presence in 30 countries, and Industrias El Tocuyo, a textile company owner of the Flipper brand, the leading school wear in Venezuela. In 2006 he launched a Private Equity firm geared to invest in small and mid size family owned companies in Venezuela.

Prior to that, Jorge served 4 years as Deputy Mayor and General Director at Chacao’s City Hall. Chacao is the financial and commercial municipality in the greater area of Caracas.

Before Haas, Jorge spent 5 years as an investment banker and portfolio manager at VestcorPartners, a regional firm with offices throughout Latin America. He also served 3 years as a Board Member of a regional newspaper, Notitarde in the city of Valencia.

Apart from his corporate duties, he is active in 3 non-profit boards: Fundación Francisco Herrera Luque which fosters the learning of Venezuelan history and literature, Fundación Centro Deportivo Eugenio Mendoza, which runs two sport facilities in Chacao, and Fundación Cultural Chacao, which promotes cultural activities and festivals in the community.

Jorge is married to Maria Fernanda Gomez de Llarena, an architect and urban planner, and became the father of a pair of gorgeous twin girls 15 months ago. He enjoys running and is aiming for his fourth New York City marathon this year. On weekends he indulges in good readings, mostly classics, Venezuelan and world history and corporate finance journals.