Chris Zobrist, BS 02
Representative, Vietnam

Christopher Quang Zobrist is both a successful entrepreneur and passionate educator.  After completing his Bachelor's degree from the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business, he started his first company, Zobrist Consulting Group, in Los Angeles, CA.  Starting with just three consultants and two partners, Chris grew the boutique IT consulting firm to 14 consultants and over USD$2.3 million in total revenues in 2006. 

In 2004, Chris returned to school to pursue an MBA where he turned his focus to Social Entrepreneurship.  After a brief stint in domestic non-profit management, Chris decided to look overseas for better opportunities to create new ventures that would benefit society.  After completing his MBA, he chose to establish an IT outsourcing division of Zobrist Consulting Group in Asia.  Because of his family background, he chose Vietnam as a target country, and after several exploratory visits to the country, he relocated there full-time in June 2006. 

Chris currently resides in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), and is an active member of the Berkeley Alumni Club of Vietnam, as well as the American Chamber of Commerce in HCMC.  His offshore division, Zobrist International, currently has 12 staff.  Chris is also passionate about education, and is a Lecturer in Entrepreneurship at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology at Saigon South campus.  He is taking the opportunity while in Vietnam to grow his experience beyond IT by creating a Business Development Services division within Zobrist International, which leverages his knowledge and experience in entrepreneurship to assist local entrepreneurs to develop business plans and find funding from investors. 

Chris travels between the US and VN every two to three months, and keeps in regular communication with his clients and staff in both countries.  In his free time, Chris enjoys swimming and travel within Vietnam and to other countries in the Asia region.  Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with a focus in Entrepreneurship and Leadership Development from UC Berkeley, and a Masters in Business Administration with concentrations in International Business Development and Applications of Social Networks from the UC Davis Graduate School of Management.