Dean's Speaker Series

The Dean's Speaker Series brings to Haas distinguished leaders of business and other organizations. These events are made possible in part by the Mary Josephine Hicks Distinguished Speaker Series Fund.

Alumni can view the lectures live or later from the link below.
These lectures will also be available one week later from our Haas Insights video section.

12:30 pm, Thursday, October 31

Mark Tercek

President & CEO, The Nature Conservancy

View the lecture live (or later).

Mark Tercek believes in capital. For the first part of his career at Goldman Sachs, that meant capital for financial investments. Today, as CEO of The Nature Conservancy, he puts the emphasis on "natural capital" as a vocal champion of valuing nature for its own sake and for what it provides humans: clean air and water, productive soils, and stable clients. Tercek will speak about his unique career path and how he leads his organization's work in marrying two unlikely bedfellows—environmentalism and capitalism. Read more...

Co-sponsored by The Center for Responsible Business and the Berkeley Energy & Resources Collaborative 

Thursday, October 24

Gurcharan Das

Bestselling author, popular newspaper columnist, and former CEO, Procter and Gamble India

Webcast can be viewed at Haas Insights in a few days.

Beginning with the current economic crisis, Das will broadly sketch out India's economic future over the next few decades and its significance for investors. He will be visiting Berkeley on a Regents Fellowship hosted by UC Berkeley's South and Southeast Studies Department. Read more...

Co-sponsored by The Center for South Asia Studies at UC Berkeley, & the Dept. of South and Southeast Asian Studies