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Role of Corporate Support

The Essential Role of Corporate Support

As one of the world's leading producers of innovative ideas and knowledge for all areas of business, Haas has been a locus for research, and a launching point for many new businesses. Now as we seek to redefine the business graduate, retain our top faculty, and strengthen our research centers, our partnerships with corporate leaders are more strategically crucial than ever. We value our ties to the business community and seek new ways to broaden these relationships.

Our Corporate Giving opportunities offer the chance to invest in the future of business leadership while benefitting from a closer relationship to one of the world's most distinguished faculty, student, and alumni groups. Corporate support has been used to expand the curriculum in e-commerce, financial engineering, and global business; upgrade the technology infrastructure in classrooms and the computer center; launch new initiatives in socially responsible business and ethics; initiate public speaker series; and support programs in entrepreneurship including the highly successful UC Berkeley Business Plan Competition.

We hope you will seriously consider one of the many ways to support Haas.

To help you determine what kind of support is a mutually beneficial 'fit' for your company, or if you are nterested in the research work of Haas faculty, please contact Abby Scott 510.642.2110.