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Giving to Haas

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is alumni support so important?

With the state of California's budget cutbacks, the Haas School must discover new sources of annual funds to continue to attract and compete for top students and faculty, provide exemplary resources and services to students, faculty and alumni, and enhance programs. Your contributions to the Haas Fund ensure the Haas School's continued excellence in developing innovative and ethical business leaders — despite shifts in public funding. Your gifts also enable Dean Lyons to say "yes" to new strategic opportunities as they arise within the current academic year.

How much support does the state of California provide?

State support for Haas has decreased steadily and dramatically since the early 1990s. Today it accounts for less than 10 percent of our operating budget. Although student fees have increased in recent years, they still cover just a fraction of the true cost of a Haas education. Thus, alumni support is essential to help mitigate the potential negative impact that the state's funding shortfall could have on the quality of the education and services provided by Haas.

Why is my gift needed by June 30th?

The Haas Fund annual campaign takes place on a fiscal year cycle beginning July 1 and concluding on June 30 of the following year. Gifts from Haas alumni and friends are immediately put to work toward initiatives and opportunities that offer the greatest benefit for students, faculty, and alumni within the current academic year. In most cases, annual donors are encouraged to make outright gifts, which offer the greatest assistance to the school. Those who wish to make pledges are asked to make a pledge payment by the end of each campaign year (June 30). Donors making a multi-year pledge are encouraged to make their first pledge payment by June 30 of the current campaign year.

Will my small gift make a difference?

Yes! Every gift, large or small, has an impact. Maintaining the Haas School's position as a leading business school requires continuous investment from all our constituents. And the power of giving is greatest when many contribute collectively. Gifts from Haas graduates have an astonishing impact on the aggregate, and send a powerful signal of the strength of our alumni community.

How much should I contribute?

The Haas School encourages its graduates to make a "fair share" contribution each year. The size of one's gift is a very personal decision. An individual's personal capacity to make a gift and their respect and admiration for the work of the school often are the primary factors in determining the amount of a contribution. And reunion years often inspire particularly significant gifts, as alumni rally during this milestone occasion to celebrate their commitment to the Haas School's future.

Why should I give to Haas when there are other organizations that need my support?

Alumni often report that the Haas School has played a significant role in shaping their values — and their success. Many feel that an annual gift is one of the most important ways to demonstrate confidence in the school's progress and future vision. The Haas School encourages each graduate to participate each year by making a gift to the Haas Fund a personal philanthropic priority. With an exciting new strategic plan shaping the Haas School's future — and annual gifts a key focus of The Campaign for Haas — Haas Fund gifts made today have particular impact.