About the Haas Fund

A Forward-looking Tradition

Dean Emeritus Earl F. "Budd" Cheit established the Haas Annual Fund in 1978, his goal was to imagine — and fund — opportunities that would make a difference in research and education. Today, his plan still has visionary impact. Dollars raised through private gifts to the Haas Fund have, over the years, enabled the school to become and remain one of the world's top 10 business schools.

Through the Haas Fund, alumni and friends invest in the success of the business school by maximizing support for students and exceptional faculty members, advancing Haas degree programs, seeding new initiatives, and maintaining the school's status as one of the world's premier business schools.

We invite you to join an endeavor that is more than just an annual fundraising campaign — it's a celebration of our Haas School values, and an opportunity to share them with a new generation of students.

First Person
Earl F. Cheit
Earl F. Cheit

Dean Emeritus,
Haas School of Business

"From years of first-hand observation, I can say the Haas School offers students unique opportunities for professional and personal growth. Haas students gain the skills to create wealth and the qualities of mind needed to direct that wealth to socially beneficial purposes — all in a welcoming public institution. For people who understand what the Haas School does, making gifts to support it is highly satisfying."