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The Student Gift Campaign is our chance to say thank you for all that Haas has given us, and for the support we will continue to receive when we become alumni.  Each of us has benefited from the Haas Fund as students in various ways, through mock interviews, career conferences, and from world class professors, and designated career counselors at the Cal Career Center. All of these student services are provided through the Haas Fund.

Haas is ranked #2 in the WORLD for undergraduate business programs, and our degree is worth more in the marketplace because of this ranking. Let's keep Haas at the top, GIVE BACK today and ensure future Haas students have it as good as we have.

Your gift will be matched 3:1, so give until it feels good!

So, why give?

The Student Gift Campaign is all about establishing our rightful place as Haas students and alumni, and leaving a legacy for future classes. Haas has given us the opportunity of a lifetime. Now it's our turn to give something back.

You can give now and your gift will be matched 3:1. (A $250 donaction means Haas will receive $1,000!)

Where does my money go?

You can designate your gift to many areas on campus, but Haas donors often choose to support the Haas Fund because it supports the most immediate needs for the largest number of Haas students and faculty.

If you want to be sure that 100% of your money benefits fellow Haas undergraduates, you can designate your gift to the Undergraduate Programs Fund, a subset of the Haas Fund. The Haas Fund supports undergraduates by funding the following services:

  • Mock interviews
  • Designated career counselors at the Cal Career Center
  • Career Conferences
Think of your favorite class, your favorite professor or even one of your closest friends at Haas. Any one of these services might not exist without financial support from thousands of our generous alumni.

Berkeley is a public institution and has benefited from centuries of philanthropy. We have all benefited from the Haas Fund as students. It is up to us to keep the tradition going.

The Haas Student Gift Campaign is our way of continuing the tradition of giving back. Each gift from each student is a vote of confidence in our future, and together our gifts are a show of support to our teachers, Dean Lyons, and the alumni community we're about to join.

One of the rewards of becoming a successful leader is the privilege of deciding what organizations and causes you'll support. We hope that helping future students become leaders will be among your philanthropic priorities when you've "made it," or you can start giving today.

How much should I give?

That answer is different for everyone. We have students who give $25 and some who give $10,000 - it's all about what you can do. Remember: it's the collective power of many gifts that make a big difference.

Our goal is to reach 60% participation from all Haas undergraduate students, so every donation of any amount makes a difference.

Add your name to the donor honor roll by making your gift today. And remember, your gift will be matched 3:1, so give until it feels good.

$250 donation becomes $1,000 for Haas!

Your gift will be matched 3:1 thanks to the Beyond Yourself Challenge Match Committee. The following undergraduate alumni are philanthropic leaders who challenge you to go Beyond Yourself and give back.

  • Jamie Barnett, BS '96
  • Tim Carlson, BS '63
  • Prof. Steve Etter, BS '83
  • Brad Howard, BS '79
  • Tara Kramlich, BS '03
  • Ginny Lockhart, BS '89
  • Petra Loer, BS '01
  • Dean Richard Lyons, BS '82
  • Kathryn O'Connor, BS '98
  • Lucky Sandhu, BS '96, EMBA '15
  • Kinman Tong, BS '03

Thank You Items

Come visit us in the Bank of America Forum and check out the awesome "Thank You" items.

If you make your gift online, you can pick up your Thank You Items any day we are tabling in the Bank of America Forum. Contact Theresa Adams (510) 643-2508 with questions.

Donor Events

  • March 10: Haas Student Gift Campaign Kickoff
    • Join Dean Lyons and fellow Beyond Yourself Challenge Match Committee members at Henry's in the Durant Hotel on Thursday, March 10 from 6:30 p.m. - 9:30 p.m. Food and drinks provided, donor raffle, and more.
  • April 11: Happy Officer Hours
  • May 5: Chancellor's Reception
    • Chancellor's Dirks home, time TBD
    • Ever wondered what the inside of the Chancellor's house looks like?  Find out on May 5. All donors are invited to a reception with Chancellor Dirks.

Be the Best in Haas History

The simplest way to explain our goal is that we want to be the best in Haas history. Previous years have set the bar high, and we want to exceed these goals.

MAKE YOUR GIFT TODAY and tell your friends to do the same.

Help raise awareness and our participation rate!