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The Haas Fund is your opportunity to support every aspect of the Haas School's mission, excellence, and impact. The following are just a few of the strengths made possible by gifts to the Haas Fund.

Exceptional students

Whether they study business as undergraduates or pursue a higher degree, Haas students stand out as uniquely qualified to lead. Only the most promising earn admission; of the more than 4,000 applications submitted each year for the full-time MBA program, Haas only accepts approximately 11 percent.

And because they come from all corners of the state, nation, and world, Haas students bring a diverse perspective to campus. Haas students typically excel in national and international competitions that test their ability to innovate, collaborate, and compete — including, in 2009, winning the first-ever International Renewable Energy Case Challenge.

Gifts to the Haas Fund support scholarships and fellowships that enable Haas to attract these exceptional future leaders — advancing UC Berkeley's public mission to provide a top education to the very best students regardless of their financial means. In fact, 75 percent of all business undergraduate and 70 percent of graduate students count on some form of financial aid, supported by the Haas Fund, to attend the Haas School.

Lifelong connections, learning, and career services

The Haas School's alumni network stretches across the globe, from Berkeley to Boston to Beijing, with alumni chapters and regional representatives in more than 81 cities. The Haas Alumni Network continuously provides students, alumni and faculty with opportunities to connect with and learn from each other, including a variety of programs on campus to cultivate lifelong learning and networking. The Haas Fund helps fund these opportunities as well as the school's numerous online resources, including FACTIVAâ„¢ and online affinity groups based on specific industries and functions; Haas@Cal, an exclusive online alumni community; and Haas'exclusive social and professional networking circles on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook.

Another Haas School feature gives MBA graduates already on their career journeys the opportunity to audit one course annually and connect with current, cutting-edge Haas faculty members. And MBA Career Services Premium Programs attract best-in-class outside consultants to work with students and alumni. Programs like these, enabled by Haas Fund gifts, add to a lifelong web of engagement that includes exemplary Haas professional and networking events and robust career services and resources.

Faculty leaders

Among the very best of the best — including two Nobel Prize winners in Economics — Haas faculty members are passionate educators and world-renowned scholars of innovation, sustainable business practices, and leadership. The Haas Fund helps recruit and retain such leaders each year by offering compensation packages that are competitive with other top business schools.

Once faculty leaders have joined the community, the Haas Fund helps provide resources that advance their excellence in the classroom and in the field. For example, the Center for Teaching Excellence offers a variety of programs targeted at improving the education process, including an annual three-day orientation for new instructors and a mentoring program for early-stage educators.

Haas Fund gifts also support the kind of game-changing independent research that has made UC Berkeley synonymous with innovative thought. Keeping the level of excellence at Haas high — in the classroom and in scholarship — will be critical to realizing the school's intellectual future, and Haas Fund gifts play a key role.

Strategic priorities

The Haas Fund provides resources that enable Dean Lyons to act strategically, creatively, and entrepreneurially on opportunities to advance the school as they arise. One example is a key initiative called Berkeley Innovative Leader Development, which is rebuilding the Haas curriculum to advance Berkeley's unique brand of leadership — focused on developing the fundamental skills and competencies that foster innovation. Another is transforming the Haas campus into an environment that reflects the way today's business students learn — with a courtyard conducive to teamwork and small gatherings, a state-of-the-art multimedia library, advanced classrooms and behavioral labs, and collaborative workspaces.

Truly innovative business education

The Haas School specializes in cutting-edge educational programs that address contemporary business issues and prepare students for the challenges they will face in their careers. One innovation supported by gifts to the Haas Fund is Haas@Work, an experiential learning program for MBA students that develops leaders while delivering business results for companies. In 2009-10, some 275 Haas@Work participants took their innovative thinking and problem-solving skills to eight companies in industries from high-tech and healthcare to banking and air travel.

Another program, dubbed the "Swiss Army knife" of Haas'academic curriculum by Dean Lyons, is the new Berkeley Leadership Development Series. These interactive workshops cover critical leadership skills, from "artful bragging," to branding, to building teams. Another program puts students on the front lines of a fast-emerging clean energy industry. Through Cleantech to Market, teams of cross-disciplinary students in business, law, policy, science, engineering, and energy and resources work together to expose promising technologies. And through the Dean's Speaker Series, world-class innovators and corporate and political leaders share hard-won wisdom with students.

Together, opportunities like these make the Haas School an environment that catalyzes breakthrough learning supported by gifts to the Haas Fund.

Strong core programs

Haas degree programs — the very heart of the Haas experience — are reinventing business education to support, educate, and inspire next-generation leaders. All of Haas'degree programs — Undergraduate, full-time and executive MBA, MFE, PhD — focus on the same goal: produce innovative and ethical leaders and scholars who are prepared to solve complex problems.

Haas Fund gifts to a particular degree program go directly to the program office to help fund that specific program's needs for faculty, students and career services — such as career specialists in emerging industries, experiential learning opportunities, case competitions, and other resources. They help keep Haas degrees among the highest-ranked in the world — the full-time MBA rated #1 in the United States and #3 in the world by The Economist, the undergraduate degree ranked #2 by US News & World Report.