New case study examines how Haas can sustain its culture


New case study examines how Haas can sustain its culture






Honoring a classmate’s daughter

EMBA students raised $136,000 for the Sanaya Shah Memorial Fund to provide under-represented minorities and social impact startups seed funding. Read More


Haas Personal View

Tōhoku, Nearly Seven Years Later

Bruce Deaner, FTMBA 94, leads a Japanese Boy Scout Troop, which is supporting relief and clean-up efforts in Tohoku, Japan, a town ravaged by the 2011 tsunami. Read his reflections.


School News

Courtney Chandler, FTMBA 96, new Chief Strategy & Operating Officer and Senior Assistant Dean

Courtney's accomplishments in the role already are many, including: bringing Chou Hall online for fall under a challenging timeframe, evolving Haas' strategic business plan to align with our goals and better reflect our reputational drivers, and leading Haas' Technology Solutions and Digital teams through leadership and organizational changes. 


Berkeley Haas News 

School News

Meet Élida Bautista, new director of diversity & inclusion  
In her new full-time job, Élida Bautista will be setting school-wide strategy for inclusion, diversity, and equity-related efforts focused on students, equipping them to lead in diverse workplaces.

Are millennials that mysterious? UC Berkeley looks for workplace answers 
A Berkeley Executive Education program on demystifying millennials in the workplace will be taught by senior teaching fellow Holly Schroth, who has written that "millennials want to be respected." "This may not seem controversial, but it is the crux of difficult relations between millennials and Gen X/Boomers in the workplace," Schroth wrote in an article on LinkedIn earlier this year.


Billion-dollar cancer detection startup Grail names new CEO with commercial chops 
Jennifer Cook, FTMBA 98, is leaving Genentech to take over as CEO of cancer detection startup Grail, which in 2017 pulled off the largest-ever private biotech financing round.

Faculty Experts 

Strong personalities are good in moderation 
As reported on NPR, research by PhD candidate Angus Hildreth and Prof. Cameron Anderson, the Lorraine Tyson Mitchell Chair in Leadership & Communication II, found that putting more than one powerful person on a team can cause problems.

There’s more to naming a company after yourself than ego 
A family name can give a company a story that it can use to get noticed, said David Aaker, E.T. Grether Professor Emeritus of Marketing & Public Policy. "Facts don’t work," he said. "People counterargue. They’re skeptical. But if you tell them a story, that all goes away."

A handout or a hand up? 
Asst. Prof. Juliana Schroeder found that how we judge others guides how we help others.

Golden parachutes may have silver linings 
Assoc. Prof. Gustav Manso found that to encourage innovation, it may be necessary to reward corporate leaders in spite of failure.


Haas Events Worldwide


A Conversation with Dean Rich Lyons and Prof. Jennifer Chatman
Wednesday, Jan. 24, 2018
Los Angeles, CA 

Dean's Speaker Series

John Riccitiello, BS 81
CEO Unity Technologies, former CEO Electronic Arts
Thursday, Feb. 1, 2018
Spieker Forum, Chou Hall | Facebook Live


Innovation at Scale 
Friday, Mar. 9
UCSF Mission Bay Conference Center
San Francisco, CA 

Haas Holiday Celebration
January 25
New York, NY 

Leaders in Motion 
January 25
Oakland, CA 

Haas Happy Hour
January 25
Palo Alto, CA 

The Pursuit of Meaningful Work: How to Listen for What Calls to You
January 25
San Francisco, CA 

Coffee with the CRB  
January 31
Berkeley, CA 

Portland Multi B-School Panel - Food & Beverage Entrepreneurship
January 31
Portland, OR 

Haas Happy Hour
January 31
San Francisco, CA 

18th Annual Berkeley Haas Celebration in Silicon Valley
February 7
Atherton, CA 

Chef Dan Barber: A Case for Regenerative Cooking
February 7
Berkeley, CA 

The Next Generation of Digital Health
February 13
Santa Clara, CA 

16th Annual Berkeley Haas Celebration in San Francisco
March 14
San Francisco, CA 

University of California Alumni UK Charity Gala 2018  
March 17
London, England  

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