Are entrepreneurs born or made? And should they skip college? Also, how can alumni benefits enrich your life?

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Winter Treks

Lions and Hippos and Sharks! Oh My! Winter Treks Combine Wildlife Adventure with Business Lessons
In addition to picking up new business skills, MBA trekkers reported that their sometimes harrowing travels during winter break gave them the opportunity to bond with fellow Haasies in ways they never got a chance to in class.



Berkeley MBA Moves up in Financial Times Ranking
The Full-time Berkeley MBA Program placed #8 among U.S. schools and #11 worldwide, up from #12 globally in 2013, in the recent Financial Times Global MBA ranking.

Holly Liu, Chief of Staff, Kabam

Are Entrepreneurs Born or Made? And Should They Skip College?
Join Haas alumni in LA, Orange County, and San Diego next week to hear what Haas Professor Kurt Beyer has to say about it. The chapter events wrap up the last jaunt of a faculty cross-country road show for eight alumni chapters.

Did You Know? Haas Benefits Can Enrich Your Life
A recent survey revealed that many alumni are unaware of the wide range of benefits available to all Haas graduates. How could our worldwide network enrich your life? Take a look at our new one-minute video to find out.

Sandy Weill, Former head of Citigroup

Dean's Speaker Series to Feature Sandy Weill, Former Head of Citigroup, Feb. 27
After a legendary Wall Street career spanning five decades and 20 noteworthy mergers and acquisitions, Weill calls for a new paradigm in philanthropy and today's global economy. View the live webcast on Feb. 27 at 7:30 pm | View previous webcasts from the Dean's Speaker Series.

2014 Health Care Conference

Health Care Conference to Explore New Frontiers, Feb. 28
The 8th annual Business of Health Care Conference will bring together innovators and thought leaders to examine the latest frontiers in the field and will include a hands-on expo to showcase disruptive technologies.

Holly Liu, Chief of Staff, Kabam

Conference to Probe How Tech is Disrupting Asia Business, March 1
The Berkeley Asia Business Conference will feature a keynote talk by a Cal alumna who has overseen colossal growth at online gaming company Kabam.

HBSA President Rosemary Hua

HBSA President Leads School Building in Ghana
Haas Business School Association President Rosemary Hua, BS 14, spent her time off this winter working with Bay Area students to help build a school in Ghana.

Haas Takes First in Kellogg Health Care Competition
A Berkeley Haas team took first place in the Kellogg Biotech & Health Care Case Competition—for the third time in seven years—by employing design thinking to reduce childhood mortality from pneumonia in developing nations.

Students Thank Donors for Helping Cover What Tuition Doesn't
Haas students celebrate Philanthropy Day halfway through the school year, because tuition only covers half of the cost of running the Haas School and philanthropy covers one-third of the other half.

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How to Land a Startup Job (Before Anyone Else Knows it's Available)

Key to Job Search Success: Overcome These Three Assumptions Employers Make About You

Five Ways that Volunteer Work can Enhance your Employability

How to Respond to Salary History Requests


All Haas Alumni:
Alumni Forums: YPO-style leadership development
Learn about this service currently only offered to alumni of HBS and Haas, based on the model used by C-level leaders in YPO for decades.
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Haas MBA Alumni:
Cover Letter Writing (webinar)
Wednesday, February 12 at 12noon
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Haas MBA Alumni:
Resume Building for Specific Functions (webinar)
Thursday, February 13 at 12noon
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Haas MBA Alumni:
Informational Interviewing vs. Networking—What's the Difference? (webinar)
Tuesday, February 18 at 12noon
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Haas MBA Alumni:
Your Elevator Pitch (webinar)
Thursday, February 20 at 12noon
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Connect the Dots: Customized Networking Service
Thinking about your next career move or fine-tuning your network? The Haas Alumni Relations team can help you connect the dots. To take advantage of services customized to your specific needs, please complete this form.


More Alumni Benefits
Did you know that alumni services are powered by the Haas Fund? The Haas School supports many opportunities to engage with your network. Learn more about these remarkable benefits.

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Explore New Options for Lifelong Learning
Conferences, lectures, and videos for your travels. Check out the menu of options for Lifelong Learning through Haas.

Ctr for Exec Ed, Berkeley-Haas
15% discount for Haas alumni. Enroll now and enter priority code "cee15" for your discount on these programs:

High-Impact Leadership — Feb 19-21
Learn how to engage in productive interpersonal exchanges and create influence over any audience. Our 3-day program breaks the mold of conventional leadership workshops and utilizes powerful theater techniques to train participants in the art of communication. You will acquire public speaking and communication skills that make powerful impressions on your audiences and forge more productive relationships with coworkers. Register

Business Leadership for IT Professionals — Feb 26-28
This three-day program is a career-advancing opportunity for IT professionals to step outside their day-to-day, and learn the business skills essential to becoming a strategic partner. Using a curriculum that blends case studies, personal coaching and dynamic exercises, our Berkeley Haas faculty draw upon decades of experience training IT and tech leaders from the Silicon Valley. Register

The Art of the Pitch — Mar 3-4
The Art of the Pitch is an advanced, 2-day presentation skills training for high-potential executives. Through demonstration and practice, the program trains you to develop a presentation style that will resonate with your audience. Led by experts in creative entrepreneurship, theatre and rhetoric, you will be better prepared to influence, inspire teams, sell with passion, close deals, and serve others with excellence. Register



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Feb 6 — Lafayette, CA
Stress Workshop

Feb 10 — La Jolla, CA
Evening with Professor Kurt Beyer

Feb 11 — Irvine, CA
Evening with Professor Kurt Beyer

Feb 12 — Los Angeles, CA
Evening with Professor Kurt Beyer

Feb 12 — Tokyo, Japan
West Coast x East Coast University Mixer

Feb 20 — San Diego, CA

Feb 23 — Berkeley, CA
Memorial Stadium Tour & Basketball Game

Feb 25 — Los Angeles, CA
All B-School Happy Hour

Feb 26 — London, England
Workshop for Dual Status Taxpayers

Feb 27 — Mountain View, CA
Happy Hour

Mar 1 — Chicago, IL
Beyond Self - Food Bank Volunteering

Mar 18 — San Francisco, CA
Haas Celebration in San Francisco

Mar 22 — Los Angeles, CA
Beyond Self - Social Impact Event

Mar 25 — Los Angeles, CA
All B-School Happy Hour

Apr 10 — New York, NY
Evening with Professor Jenny Chatman

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View past event pics

Ming Leung

Tricks of the Trade: How Freelancers Can Land More Jobs
As more freelancers depend on the virtual workplace, new research by Prof. Ming Leung suggests freelancers who demonstrate work commitment through an incremental career path, by moving between similar but not identical types of jobs, are the most likely to be hired.

Time Magazine: Janet Yellen

Janet Yellen: The Sixteen Trillion Dollar Woman
In her first and only interview as Fed chief, Haas Professor Emeritus Janet Yellen says why she thinks the housing market is back on track, companies will invest, and more new jobs are on the way this year.

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