Steve Blank's stint at coastal commission reveals a different type of developer than those in Silicon Valley...avoiding the Tragedy of Commons.

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Coastal Commision lessons

Hostages Strapped to the Tank: Coastal Commission Stories -- Lesson 2

After 30 highly successful years in Silicon Valley, Haas Lecturer and startup visionary Steve Blank thought he knew what a developer was. But his service on the California Coastal Commission exposed him to a different type of developer's business model and the challenges of avoiding the "tragedy of the commons." This week he shared some of the lessons he learned.


Borenstein honored

Energy Institute to Honor Borenstein with Seminars on June 26
Haas alumni are invited to join energy economists from around the country at the end of their annual week-long "Energy Camp." A day of seminars on everything energy—from electricity metering to the effects of fracking on local economies—will be held in honor of Haas Professor and outgoing Energy Institute Faculty Director Severin Borenstein.

NEW GRADS: Take Three Steps as New Alumni
Nearly 900 new graduates are transitioning from "alumni-in-residence" to "proud alumni" and are encouraged to take three immediate steps to maximize their alumni benefits:

1 - LinkedIn
- Brand yourself as a Haas alum in your profile, join the Haas Alumni LinkedIn group and sub-groups, and connect with other Haas alumni.
2 - Haas Gear
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3 - Haas Events
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Brazil brothers

The "Brazil Brothers" in Curitiba—Student Interns Help Company Decide Whether to Enter US Market

Each team of students from the Haas International Business Development projects has its own story -- from Brazil, India, Nepal, and many other countries throughout the world. Alumni can now read the students' first-hand accounts of their experiences on the Haas in the World blog.

Haas School Update 2014 -- What's New?
What's new at Berkeley Haas? And how does our unique culture and style of leadership empower alumni to create positive change in organizations and markets? Dean Lyons speaks directly to alumni about this issue in a recent video.

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Where Do you Belong? Haas Group Now has a Dozen Affinity Sub-groups

If you're already a member of the main Haas LinkedIn group, please review the list of sub-groups. Find out how easy and beneficial it is to connect with alumni from your own industry or who share your own interests.

Request your own personalized salary report
Haas Ranked #3 by PayScale on "Best Schools for Business Majors"

Haas has partnered with PayScale, a leader in employee compensation data, to conduct a survey to help analyze alumni career success. Complete the anonymous, 10-minute survey online to receive an immediate report comparing your salary to others in your field. The survey closes on June 30.

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10 Words People Who Lack Confidence Always Use

99 Sites Every Professional Should Know About and Use

4 Steps for Taking Your Networking to the Next Level

How Top Leaders Handle Setbacks and Criticism


MBA Alumni - Conference call
Alumni Networked Job Search Team
Begins on June 25 at 8am (5 weekly meetings)
MBA alumni register in MBA CareerNet under workshops

MBA Alumni - Webinar
How to Reconnect with Haas and Other Alums
Thurs, June 26 at noon
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MBA Alumni - Webinar
Introduction to Case Interviewing
Wed, July 9 at noon
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MBA Alumni - Webinar
Refreshing Your LinkedIn Profile
Thurs, July 10 at noon
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MBA Alumni - Webinar
Case Interviewing
Wed, July 16 at noon
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Networking: Make Better LinkedIn Introductions
When should you introduce one colleague to another, and how do you do it. Tips for Using LinkedIn

Alumni Benefit
Connect the Dots: Customized Networking Service
Thinking about your next career move or fine-tuning your network? The Haas Alumni Relations team can help you connect the dots. To take advantage of services customized to your specific needs, please complete this form.

More Alumni Benefits
Did you know that alumni services are powered by the Haas Fund? The Haas School supports many opportunities to engage with your network. Learn more about these remarkable benefits.

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Explore New Options for Lifelong Learning
Conferences, lectures, and videos for your travels. Check out the menu of options for Lifelong Learning through Haas.

Ctr for Exec Ed, Berkeley-Haas
15% discount for Haas alumni. Enroll now and enter priority code "cee15" for your discount on these programs:

High-Impact Leadership
Sep 3 - 5, 2014

Learn how to engage in productive interpersonal exchanges and create influence over any audience. High Impact Leadership breaks the mold of conventional leadership workshops and utilizes powerful theater techniques to train participants in the art of communication. You will acquire public speaking and communication skills that make powerful impressions on your audiences and forge more productive relationships with coworkers. Register

The Women's Executive Leadership Program
Oct 13 - 16, 2014

This program is for high-potential women seeking new levels of success as team leaders and organizational visionaries. The program is based on a very pressing and timely message: The world needs more women leaders. We will seek to develop women leaders by strengthening their sense of empowerment. Register

Leadership for IT Professionals
Nov 11 - 13, 2014

Business Leadership for IT Professionals is a career-advancing opportunity for IT professionals to step outside their day-to-day, and learn the business skills essential to becoming a strategic partner. Using a curriculum that blends case studies, personal coaching and dynamic exercises, our Berkeley Haas faculty draw upon decades of experience training IT and tech leaders from the Silicon Valley. Register



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