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Budd Cheit

Business Education and University Leader Earl F. Cheit Dies at Age 87

Earl F. Cheit, former executive vice chancellor of UC Berkeley, and dean and professor emeritus at the Haas School of Business, died of cancer on Aug. 2. Cheit, or "Budd," as he was known by friends and colleagues, joined the Haas School in 1957 and stayed until retiring in 1991. While at Haas, he served as dean twice (1976-82 and 1990-91) and presided over the school's growth and modernization. He was a pioneer in the study and teaching of the impact of business on society.


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Who are the Silicon Valley B-School Elite?
If you hold a top-tier position at one of the top 25 tech firms in Silicon Valley, which business school did you most likely you attend? It's not too surprising that Berkeley Haas tops this list. But a number five spot for Stanford, behind three east-coast schools?! A new analysis also discredits some of the recent rhetoric that MBAs are not valued in the Valley.

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Tomorrow is Deadline for Berkeley Board Fellows
If you wish to be matched with a nonprofit to serve as a board member for eight months, consider becoming a Berkeley Board Fellow. Friday, Aug. 15 is the deadline to apply. Haas' Center for Nonprofit and Public Leadership provides training and support.

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Did You Write that Book, Yet? Congrats! Now...List it on Our New Alumni Books Page

A list of books written by Berkeley Haas alumni is being launched on the Haas alumni website. If you have authored a book—business related or not—that was published, please send us your info.

- Take Five

Five blogs on the Berkeley Haas website gained traction this summer. Alumni are invited to scan the contents, read a blog or two, and consider subscribing.

1 - Haas Achieves
Warm Buttered Pretzels: Insights From International Consulting Trips

From Kenya to Kazakhstan to Saudi Arabia to Singapore, full-time MBA students crisscrossed the globe this summer on International Business Development consulting trips.

2 - Haas in the World
Student Team Redefines Corporate Travel Management

Full-time MBA students are working on innovative ways to reduce travel expenses for EPI-USE, a global IT consulting firm.

3 - Institute for Business & Social Impact Blog
How Our "Better Angels" Can Affect Economic Decisions

Haas Assistant Prof. Ernesto Dal Bó discusses results from his investigation of the power of strictly moral ideas to affect behavior.

4 - Energy Economics Exchange
Open Sourcing Risky Business

Prof. Catherine Wolfram, co-director of the Energy Institute at Haas, looks at the difficulties associated with not slowing climate change.

5 - Undergraduate Student Blog
Alumni Profile: Shazia Virji, BS 11, Marketing,

Part of a series of posts featuring Haas alumni that aim to provide insight into work experiences in various industries and into life after Haas. Virji currently works as an associate marketing manager for

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The Useful Trick for Finding a Mentor Outside Your Network

Why Your Ego Needs to Stop Controlling Your Career

How to Parlay Your Value Proposition Into a Powerful Personal Brand

10 Simple Ways to Become a Better Writer


MBA Alumni
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MBA Alumni
From Passion to Payoff — Focusing Your SuperPowers on Your Dream - workshop
Wed, Aug 20 at 6pm at Haas
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Alumni Networked Job Search Team - Conference call
Starts Wed, Aug 27 at 8am
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Storytelling - Webinar
Tues, Sept 9 at Noon
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How to Build a Nontraditional Career Path - Workshop
Wed, Sept 17 at 6pm at Haas
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Storytelling - Webinar
Thu, Sept 18 at 2pm at Haas
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MBA Alumni
What Is Emotional Intelligence - Webinar
Tue, Sept 23 at Noon
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MBA Alumni
Be the Boss: Franchise Ownership Options & Resources - Webinar
Thu, Sept 25 at Noon
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MBA Alumni
Sure Fire Strategies for Jobseekers Over 50 - Workshop
Tues, Sept 30 at 6pm at Haas
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Alumni Relations and MBA Career Management present a library of pre-recorded career webinars to support your career development. Create your free account and learn at your convenience.

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Alumni Forums for professional development
An Alumni Forum brings together the power of 8-12 Haas graduates to help members grow professionally through confidentially sharing experiences. Members of similar forums (offered through YPO, Entrepreneurs Organization, and other associations) gain valuable insight otherwise unavailable from direct reports, managers, governing boards, or customers. To indicate your interest, complete an online profile.

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Career websites include resources for executives, flexible workforce recruiting, global jobs, networking, jobs in the nonprofit sector, executive search firms, salary information, and self-employment.

Networking: Make Better LinkedIn Introductions
When should you introduce one colleague to another, and how do you do it. Tips for Using LinkedIn

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Ctr for Exec Ed, Berkeley-Haas
15% discount for Haas alumni. Enroll now and enter priority code "cee15" for your discount on these programs:

High-Impact Leadership
Sep 3 - 5, 2014

Learn how to engage in productive interpersonal exchanges and create influence over any audience. High Impact Leadership breaks the mold of conventional leadership workshops and utilizes powerful theater techniques to train participants in the art of communication. You will acquire public speaking and communication skills that make powerful impressions on your audiences and forge more productive relationships with coworkers. Register

The Women's Executive Leadership Program
Oct 13 - 16, 2014

This program is for high-potential women seeking new levels of success as team leaders and organizational visionaries. The program is based on a very pressing and timely message: The world needs more women leaders. We will seek to develop women leaders by strengthening their sense of empowerment. Register

Business Leadership for IT Professionals
Nov 11 - 13, 2014

Business Leadership for IT Professionals is a career-advancing opportunity for IT professionals to step outside their day-to-day, and learn the business skills essential to becoming a strategic partner. Using a curriculum that blends case studies, personal coaching and dynamic exercises, our Berkeley Haas faculty draw upon decades of experience training IT and tech leaders from the Silicon Valley. Register



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Leading the Way in Big Data
Sept. 30—Oct. 2
Conference co-hosted by the Berkeley MFE Program and ENSAE ParisTech

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