Haas Alumni Network

The Haas Council

The Haas Council is comprised of alumni and student volunteers who serve as Berkeley-Haas ambassadors by communicating with classmates (or fellow alumni at their corporation) about year-round activities, engagement opportunities, lifelong learning programs, career services, and annual giving to the school. These volunteers also guide the planning and priorities of the Haas Alumni Network (HAN). The council meets formally twice a year to network, hear key school updates, learn from current faculty, and share ideas.

For more information, contact: volunteer@haas.berkeley.edu

Role of a Member

Volunteer Role - Class Engagement Officer
When: September 2013 - June 2014
Commitment: As the Class Engagement Chair you will be the point person between your classmates and a Haas staff liaison
  • Make a donation to the Haas Fund*
  • Attend volunteer retreats (Sept 20th-21st 2013, February 8th 2014)
  • Ensure data Integrity: Collect classmates’ current contact info*
  • Encourage submission of Class Notes for Berkeley-Haas magazine*
  • Write or approve two email appeals
  • Participate in two VIP conference calls with Dean Lyons (fall and spring)
  • Serve as GradMap lead

*These activities can be completed through GradMap

  • Access to Dean Lyons and other senior Haas leaders
  • Networking with other alumni leaders at retreats and socials
  • Training and a personal staff liaison
  • Access to faculty and additional learning opportunities at retreats
  • Complimentary admission to select Berkeley-Haas events
  • Recognition in Annual Report and website
  • Complimentary copy of California Management Review

Volunteer calendar of a member

Volunteer Calendar - Class Engagement Officer
Month Volunteer Activities
  • Attend Berkeley-Haas Volunteer Council Conference September 19 & 20
  • New CEOs: Send your Intro Message by September 30*
  • Encourage alumni note submission for BerkeleyHaas Magazine*
  • Make your annual gift on November 20
  • Post & tag classmates on social media (Give, Post, Tag)
  • Join Volunteer Council conference call on Dec 2 with Dean Lyons or Haas senior leadership
  • Happy New Year, relax!
  • Attend Berkeley-Haas Volunteer Council Conference February 7
  • Approve Spring peer fundraising message by February 28
  • Send Spring peer fundraising message by mid-March*
  • Encourage alumni note submission for BerkeleyHaas Magazine*
  • Attend All-Alumni Conference on April 25
  • Increase logins in class GradMap
  • Join Volunteer Council conference call on May 2 with Dean Lyons or Haas senior leadership
  • "Logistics & statistics" call with Staff Liaison before the fiscal year close
  • Consider your involvement in FY16
  • Send fiscal year-end Thank You message*

View list of members

Council Members
Dmitriy Afanasyev BS 2005
Rumesha Ahmed BS 2003
Jay Atkinson FT 2003
Jeffery Baum FT 1999
Tala Beigi BS 2012
Lisha Bell BCEMBA 2013
Christian Bennett FT 2004
Jeff Bialik EW 1989
Ben Biddle FT 2009
Robert Bogolub BS 2007
Darin Boyd FT 2001
Jason Breeding BS 2005
Will Buster BS 2011
Linda Carlton FT 1989
Sukwan Chae FT 2004
Carmen Chan EW 2011
Amy Chang EW 2004
Jolene Chen EW 2013
Kevin Chiu BS 2008
JoJo Choi BS 2007
David Coffman EW 2010
Brett Conner EW 2012
Matt Cooper BCEMBA 2012
Art Cybulski BS 2010
Patrick Dempsey BCEMBA 2008
Chuck Doppelt FT 2011
Jack Duan EW 2006
Lev Eldemir BS 2010
George Elias EW 1984
Adrienne Metoyer Eng FT 1989
Grace Erickson BCEMBA 2013
Abigail Feuer FT 2013
Joe Florczak FT 2004
Albert Fong EW 2011
Cathy Garza FT 1989
Mark Gervase FT 2004
Beau Giannini EW 1994
David Good FT 2007
Marina Gracias EW 1999
Fernando Guerrero EW 2009
Andy Guo BS 2007
Alice Hansen BCEMBA 2003
Karen Hartwig FT 1994
Tina Herrera EW 2004
Julie Hickey BCEMBA 2003
Keith Hoang EW 1994
Jeff Holiday BS 2004
Heather Hollick EW 2004
Erik Holmlin BCEMBA 2005
Brad Howard BS 1979
Rosemary Hua BS 2014
Shannon Jackson BS 2008
Michelle Kaliski BS 2014
Kamran Kamjou BS 2008
Caleb Kenney BS 2014
Melinda Khoshabe BS 2011
Austin Kim BS 2009
Jeremy Kish BCEMBA 2011
Neal Kohl FT 2006
Sotiris Kolokotronis FT 1984
Tara Kramlich BS 2003
Robin Kwok BCEMBA 2011
Brian Lawrence EW 2010
William Ledeen FT 1986
Andrea Leewong FT 2012
Matt Levy FT 2000
Aquacena Lopez FT 1989
Roschelle Lowe BS 2014
Connie Marmet EW 1984
Marty McMahon FT 2001
Peter Meeks BS 1968
Juan Mini FT 1999
Gonzalo Miranda FT 1999
Phil Mitchell EW 1984
Jim Monteleone BCEMBA 2009
Ken Nevarez BCEMBA 2010
Guadalupe Nickell BCEMBA 2010
Marco Nicosia FT 1999
Filip Nowak BS 2008
Lili Palomo EW 2009
Kiran Pande EW 2000
Greg Patterson FT 2000
Steve Peletz FT 1999
Dale Radcliff BS/MBA 1974/1975
Anuj Ralhan BCEMBA 2010
Susan Reinhart FT 1984
Rob Ricketts FT 2004
Rain Rider FT 1999
Danielle Ritter BCEMBA 2011
Frank Rockwood FT 1993
Emma Rosen FT 1994
Evan Santiago BS 2014
Dutta Satadip EW 2009
Tanya Shah FT 2004
Rupam Shrivastava BCEMBA 2011
Sean Simplicio FT 2010
Sandeep Singh Kohil EW 2012
Sonal Sinha BCEMBA 2010
Sandy Sohner FT 1989
Felipe Sommer FT 1999
Charlene Son Rigby FT 2000
Joan Spiegel FT 1984
Nelly Spieler EW 2004
Krishna Srinivasan BCEMBA 2010
Deborah Stern FT 1984
Philip Strauss EW 2005
Victor Szczerba EW 1999
Adam Tachner BCEMBA 2008
John Tallichet BCEMBA 2006
Steve Terusaki EW 1989
Stephen Tindle BCEMBA 2010
Kinman Tong BS 2003
Stephanie Tsai FT 2012
Nora Tucker FT 2009
Maria Vickroy-Peralta EW 1989
Emily Walling FT 2008
Harvey Williams BS 2014
Tyler Wishnoff BS 2013
Andrew Wisnewski FT 2013
Hari Young EW 2009
Jasmin Young EW 2009