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A Letter from Dean Lyons

With the Berkeley Haas Alumni Network at more than 37,000 strong, alumni like you are the face of Berkeley Haas. Whether you serve on the Alumni Council or an alumni chapter board, whether you represent Haas in a city far from Berkeley or manage an online group, the work you do is important to the Haas School.

You shape thinking, influence priorities, and motivate action. You help build the school's global brand and you assure that Haas' alumni have a lifelong connection to Berkeley Haas. The work you do is remarkable and, without you, our school would not be all that it is.

I need you to be a knowledgeable representative and an exemplar of the school's four defining leadership principles. It's an important job and, as I've said, it's also a big one. To be the informed and enthusiastic ambassador Haas needs, keep reading.

If you need more information, contact the Alumni Relations Office at alumni@haas.berkeley.edu. We have a great group of people there who want to support you.


Dean Rich Lyons (BS 82)