Connect with Students

Club Sponsorship

While some clubs have an obvious industry focus, we encourage you to consider working with clubs that might also reflect your values or brand. Companies that sponsor clubs have various opportunities to get to know students directly.

  • Firm Nights. These industry-specific career fairs allow you to interact with a targeted group of students over just a few hours.
  • Site Visits or Treks. Inviting a group of students to your workplace is an efficient way to communicate the quality of your opportunities as well as of your company's culture.
  • Speakers in Career-Focused Courses. Students organize "MBA 294" courses to bring in guest speakers to learn about the nuances of different industries and career paths.
  • Conferences and Symposia. With the support of the school, our students organize major conferences, including:

You are welcome to contact our student clubs directly. For information about clubs, go to Be sure to keep your relationship manager apprised of your club activities