For MBA Students

Berkeley Haas Defining Leadership Principles & Your Career Search

As an MBA student in the Haas School of Business, you are a representative of this program as you interact with recruiters, corporate presenters, alumni and other stakeholders during the job search process.  It is expected that you will act in a professional manner, exhibiting integrity and consideration in your interactions. 

For the Haas School, there are four principles that, taken together, sharply define us relative to our peers. Examples of how they apply to the career search process are as follows.

  • Question the Status Quo. We believe that Berkeley MBA students have the intelligence, tenacity and creativity to achieve their career goals. A successful job search is a proactive and thoughtful one and involves much more than emailing cover letters and resumes to job postings. Business school is an ideal time to question your own assumptions about the career trajectory you want to be on after graduation. Take this time to talk to others who are doing what you think you want to do and be relentless about understanding where you want to end up and why.
  • Confidence without Attitude. Recruiters have told us that this character trait is prevalent in the Berkeley MBA student body and is one the top reasons they enjoy recruiting at this business school. Be prepared to sell yourself in your interviews and interactions, but without arrogance or attitude. If you need practice promoting yourself, we can help through mock interviews and relevant workshops.
  • Students Always. During the career search process, you will interact with many representatives in different roles across multiple organizations. Be inquisitive and ask thoughtful questions. Take the time to prepare for interviews, corporate presentations and other interactions by researching the organization and framing strong, relevant questions.
  • Beyond Yourself. As you go through your job search process you will likely find yourself in a position to help your peers or be helped by them. Be considerate as you evaluate job offers, bid for interviews, and interact with recruiters and alumni. Be proactive in helping connect your peers with individuals who can help them in their own career searches.

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