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Order Academic Year 2018-19 Resume Database

With access to our MBA resume database, you can proactively reach out to students and alumni who fit your hiring needs.

  • MBA Class of 2019 for Full-Time Positions (released August 3, 2018)
  • MBA Class of 2020 for Internship Positions (released October 22, 2018)

Once we've activated your resume database, log into CareerNet, click "Candidate Search" to enter your access code and activate your resume book database.

For extra help logging in and accessing resume database, view this quick guide (expand the slides by clicking the bottom right hand corner):

Resume Collections

If you would like, you can let the Haas account team organize the logistics of collecting resumes of students interested in pursuing a career with your company. Even if you choose not to interview on campus, using this option can be an efficient method of identifying interested and qualified candidates. We'll publicize your available positions, explain your firm's application process, and provide you with the option of using CareerNet to collect resumes and cover letters from interested students.