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2011-2012 Recruiting Guide

Welcome to MBA Recruiting at UC Berkeley

Richard Lyons

Thank you for your interest in the Berkeley MBA Program. We are hard at work implementing our strategic plan that further describes what we do: Our mission is to develop leaders who redefine how we do business. I believe that path-bending leaders are needed to drive the growth and change our world is demanding into the next decade and beyond, and we have heard from many of you that your businesses have similar goals. Our culture and curriculum at Berkeley-Haas support the development of this next generation of leaders.

Culture: Berkeley-Haas has a set of business principles that sharply define us relative to our peers:

Curriculum: At Haas, we help our MBAs hone their problem-solving skills through an integrated experiential process. Students begin their Berkeley experience with a new required course - Problem Framing, Problem Solving. MBAs also participate in at least one of eight experiential learning courses that expose them to real-world business and organization challenges. During these experiential courses, students learn advanced tools and coaching methods to become strong leader and members of high-performance teams..

We have identified a set of ten measurable capabilities that support our approach to teaching innovative leadership with a competency model. This was done as part of the Berkeley Innovative Leadership Development (BILD) program, which runs through all core and elective MBA courses. These capabilities are divided into three Primary categories: defining opportunities, making choices, and building organization capacity.

Our career management team is eager to help you connect to this talent. We look forward to seeing you on campus to tell you more about our goals as a business school.

Richard Lyons
Bank of America Dean
Haas School of Business

2011-12 Berkeley MBA Recruiting Guide