Why Berkeley Haas

The Berkeley Haas Advantage

The Haas School of Business at UC Berkeley produces a distinct type of
graduate—leaders who know how to put fresh ideas to work and do so responsibly. Our ideal location in the heart of the cutting-edge San Francisco Bay Area and our innovative, collaborative culture attracts and fosters individuals who are driven, creative, and confident. The unique Berkeley MBA curriculum has been strategically designed to not only equip these students with the fundamentals necessary to succeed in business today, but also give them the leadership capabilities necessary to excel.

A culture of innovation shapes leaders who embody the school's defining leadership principles: Question the Status Quo, Confidence Without Attitude, Students Always, and Beyond Yourself.

Our top-ranked recruiting team works closely with you to navigate a wide variety of recruiting options to help you determine which channels are best for your organization.

The unique type of leader we produce demonstrates not only a mastery powerful quantitative and management tools, but also a solid understand of best practices for the changing technological, global, and human dimensions of business.