Why Berkeley Haas

Developing Innovative Leaders

The goal of the Berkeley MBA Program is to develop leaders who are both firmly grounded in the fundamentals of business and armed with a real set of innovative leader capabilities. Based on a set of specific skills valued by employers, the program's rigorous curriculum is designed to teach essential management skills, while providing additional practical knowledge and experience that will enable them to thrive in today's collaborative business environment.

A General Management Foundation

The Berkeley MBA education is anchored in the fundamentals of general management, including the latest theories and best practices in business– from accounting and finance to marketing and strategy. Berkeley Haas graduates learn to lead and manage an enterprise as a whole. The rigorous curriculum teaches requisite qualitative, quantitative, analytical, strategic, and problem solving skills. Our graduates not only gain knowledge about best business practices, but also learn about the fundamental principles behind them– the "how" and the "why."

A Connected Leadership Curriculum

Innovative leadership is a connective theme that runs through the entire Berkeley MBA Program– in both the required (core) and elective portions of the curriculum. The process starts with the careful selection of Berkeley MBA students, who have already demonstrated leadership and exemplify the school's defining leadership principles. In the core, students begin to learn the capabilities of the innovative leader, such as the skills to define opportunities. For example, the Problem Finding, Problem Solving course teaches several modes of thinking– such as design thinking– in order to find, frame, and solve difficult problems. The courses Leading People and Leadership Communications teach specific motivational skills, such as influencing others without having direct authority over them.

Renowned Faculty

Berkeley Haas graduates bring to your organization the knowledge they've acquired from faculty who are internationally recognized leaders in the study of the economic, social, political, and technological forces shaping global markets today. Berkeley Haas faculty also play an active role in national and international business communities, serving as consultants, board members, and speakers at major business conferences and seminars. They are in demand for key government positions, and they perform important interdisciplinary research with colleagues at Berkeley and at other top universities around the world. Rankings of academic reputation consistently place the Haas faculty solidly in the top ten of business schools worldwide.

Practical Experience

Providing students with hands-on exposure to real-world business situations is a cornerstone of the Berkeley MBA Program. Students are required to select a course that emphasizes innovation leadership from a diverse menu of experiential options, many of them unique to the Berkeley MBA Program and first of their kind. Additional experiential learning activities are required in many courses. Students also take advantage of numerous out-of-classroom opportunities to expand their leadership skill sets. Teamwork is emphasized throughout, including skill development and group coaching on how to be optimally effective in teams.